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Marantz PM7005 Integrated Amplifier

We love integrated amplifiers. For stereo listening you don’t need all the fancy (and signal degradating circuitry) of a surround receiver. The Marantz PM7005 Integrated Amplifier is a beautiful update to the company’s PM7004, and it’s made with Marantz’ attention to detail—both in terms of the component quality and the build quality of the chassis. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to update the model with new on-board USB-DAC functionality. The Marantz PM7005 integrated amp is priced at $999 and will ship in August.

Marantz PM7005 Integrated Amp Features

Marantz gave its PM7005 integrated amp enough power to drive all but the most power-hungry speakers. The amp puts out 80W per channel into 4 ohm, and it features symmetrical circuits to balance the channels and provide pristine imaging. Inside, Marantz promises nothing but high-grade audio components, current feedback HDAMs, and a high-speed instantaneous current power supply to handle transients and impedance dips at the speaker. Taking a cue from the PM8005, the PM7005 also includes high grade speaker terminals so you can use those high grade “welding cables” you call speaker wire.

Marantz PM7005 integrated amplifier binding posts

Marantz PM7005 integrated amplifier binding posts (same as the ones in the new PM8005)

DAC-mode and High Quality Audio

The DAC-mode on the PM7005 allows you to use either the optical and coaxial digital inputs or the USB-B port. With these, you can connect a computer directly to the Marantz PM7005 and use its higher-quality CS4398 DAC and HDAM-SA3 audio output stage. That’s going to blow away any DAC present on your computer or playback device. Do this, and the Marantz integrated amp functions very much like a sound card for your computer. The USB-B port works in asynchronous mode and provides ‘bit-perfect’ support for up to 192kHz / 24bit audio and also DSD 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz high-resolution audio.

Marantz PM7005 integrated amplifier rear

If you’re going analogue, the Analog Amp Mode switches off the digital section completely, leaving your analogue circuitry free to pass through the purest analogue audio possible. If you’re playing back vinyl, this is the mode you’ll want to be in.

Marantz PM7005 Integrated Amplifier Features

  • Marantz PM7005 integrated amplifier detail

    Marantz PM7005 integrated amplifier front panel detail (gold UK version)

    Integrated current feedback amplifier

  • 2x 80W rms (@4 ohms)
  • HDAM SA3 circuits
  • High current type Schottky diode
  • Gold-plated solid brass speaker terminals
  • Current Feedback Phono equalizer (MM)
  • Digital optical and coaxial inputs (192kHz/24bit D/A conversion)
  • USB-B input (PCM 192kHz/24bit and DSD Audio Streaming (DSD2.8 & DSD5.6))
  • Signal isolator for DAC Mode operation
  • CS4398 High current DA-Converter
  • “Analog Mode” for pure analogue signal path
  • System remote to control Amplifier, CD-Player and Network Player

For more information visit the Marantz website.

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3 Comments on Marantz PM7005 Integrated Amplifier

  1. Rich Mack

    I am just a hifi buff seeking a decent hi fi sounding amp for my Focal Chorus V 130 watt @ 8ohm speakers and would like to know whether the Marantz 7005 is superior to the Marantz 8005…which model came first? Store where I live say the 8005 replaces the 7005 and is by far superior. I have listened to it and am impressed, but reading the above review on the 7005 and seeing info stating it is a newer model from Marantz, I am now confused..! Which is ideal then for bass orientated music with decent midrange frequencies played at low volume, due to the fact I live in an apartment. Great to see that people take the time to write reviews, hope to get an answer then!
    Thanks in advance

    • Rick

      The 8005 came first. Based on price, I assume it’s superior but it’s difficult getting much information on the 7005. Both are manufactured in Japan. the 8005 is said to be similar to Marantz Reference Series. Nothing is mentioned about the 7005 in that regard.

  2. Rick

    Strange that it looks like Marantz used an EI transformer in the pm7005 but toroidal in the 6005 and 8005. Can anyone explain that? Also, does the 7005 have metal knobs or are they plastic? Thanks

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