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6 Comments on What is Dolby Atmos?

  1. Carl Rapp Avatar

    Damn, Clint…You’re on top of it yet again! I don’t think the “wife-factor” will allow
    me 50 more speakers ;0) But if it were up to me…. Great work, sir!

    cosoundman/Audioholics forum

    • No kidding—you would think everyone coming up with these DSP solutions are under the impression that everyone already has 7.2 surround and is just chomping at the bit to add in more speakers!

  2. Anthony Avatar

    Had a denon 5803, quit on me, on the list for merantz 7702, running M&K ultra 150 full set w/ 2 subs. Worked really nice in 7.1, how do you think it’ll work w/ atmos? Any suggestions?

    • I’ve got the AVR 5308CI(A). Great receiver! That AV7702 looks pretty sweet, though I wonder how many people will actually go full-on with Atmos. You may be trend-setting in your area!

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