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  1. Adam In Hilton Head Avatar

    Loved reading this. It is very difficult to find information about Dolby Licensed/Enabled Technology that has made it from concept to vendor to vendor to consumer headphones in this segment. I have been thrashing the Internet to find a premium Dolby Licensed/Enabled Audiophile Grade set of cans for home theatre. I don’t want to jimmy-rig a set of gaming headphones, I don’t want an external microphone with or without boom, nor an inline/invisible microphone, I can’t easily use a USB or USB Transmitter Interface. I prefer the following: Optical fed Base, premium cans with separate drivers – possibly planar magnetic (wishful thinking) I know! THD, dynamic range, etc. are important but i want the same category of spatial ness and throw that open-back vs. closed back users want. I want to hear footsteps behind me when I am private viewing or late night viewing. I have gone as far as I can go with available tech for my primary system/s. 7.2.4 and 5.2.4 on two of my systems with HDR/Atmos/DTS:X/UHD etc. Can you help me achieve that magic I get from my premium traditional headphones such as my Senn’s or Audezes with lossless content, premium DAC and dedicated Amp? Who has non-gamer- newest gen Atmos or even Standard Dolby Headphones? I don’t want to use premium cans and virtual via Pro or any other compromise! You may be the gent who can solve this riddle for me! Thank you!

    • Teemu Parkkunen Avatar

      Did you find? I’ve put Chromecast to video projector. Well, also Macbook Pro to projector.

      How to go about surround headphones? Please ideas everyone! 🙂

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