Epson LS10000 projector Projectors

Epson Reflective Laser LCD Projectors LS10000 and LS9600e

Epson announced the reintroduction of their brand new line of Pro Cinema projectors that use 3LCD Reflective laser technology. The announcement of new Epson Reflective Laser LCD projectors first came about 4 years ago (even demoed them at CEDIA), but the products weren’t quite ready for the market, and Epson put them back on the drawing board. Now they’re ready—and even better than when they were first demoed. The new Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema LS10000 4K Enhancement Projector and the Pro Cinema LS9600e Wireless 1080p Projector feature 1,500 and 1,300 lumens of color brightness and white brightness respectively. Contrast is insane on these new projectors (more on that later) and they feature an advanced suite of calibration tools.

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Epson LS series light engineThe new reflective laser LCD projectors use Epson’s 3LCD Reflective technology along with a laser light source to deliver unprecedented contrast. Epson is calling it Absolute Black because it actually outputs 0 lumens when projecting a black image. The Epson LS10000 and Epson 9600e Reflective Laser LCD projectors also come with one of the industry’s largest color gamuts—far exceeding what is typically seen with 3LCD or DLP. The Pro Cinema LS10000 can also shift each pixel diagonally by 0.5 pixels to double the resolution (called 4K Enhancement Technology) and surpass Full HD image quality without visible stair-stepping or pixel gaps. This is a way to achieve 4K resolution using a 1080p chip rather than more expensive 4K LCD panels. It’s this type of compromise that lets Epson release a products like this for under $8,000.

“Epson’s new Pro Cinema Reflective laser projectors combine the most advanced projection technology we have ever developed. The result is a true-to-life theater experience that custom installers can provide to meet the requirements of today’s discerning consumers. I believe that these new premium products will set an image quality and performance standard that, once experienced by our customers and partners, will make it very tough to consider anything else.”

Jason Palmer, marketing manager, Epson America

Epson LS10000 front

Epson’s innovative 3LCD Reflective system lets both the LS10000 and the LS9600e deliver an Absolute Black contrast ratio with zero lumens during full-black scenes as well as improved pixel density and increased aperture ratio for smoother, film-like pictures. Both projectors also offer Full HD 1080p in 3D, frame interpolation, and Bright 3D Drive projection for increasing brightness to compensate for shutter dimming when viewing 3D content.

Epson LS10000 connections

Both of the Epson Reflective Laser LCD Projectors include 2.1x power zoom, power focus, and lens shift up to 90 percent vertical and 40 percent horizontal. There’s also lens position memory that stores up to 10 different settings for standard 16:9 or 4:3 projection areas as well as 2.35:1 wide cinema ratio. Lamp life on the LS10000 and LS9600e are incredible, with the laser light engine offering up to 30,000 hours along with rapid warm-up and cool down time. It’s also whisper quiet at just 19 dB SPL. The LS9600e allows you to add-on a WirelessHD transmitter so you can connect up to 5 HDMI devices at the same time. MHL connectivity is also provided (LS9600e only) for displaying content from MHL-enabled tablets and smartphones.

Epson LS10000 angled2

Epson Reflective Laser LCD Projectors Feature Overview

Epson LS10000 LS9600e specs

Click to download the full comparison of specifications between the Epson LS10000 and the LS9600e.

  • 4K Enhancement Technology (LS10000 only)
  • Color brightness and high white brightness: 1500 lumens (Pro Cinema LS10000); 1300 lumens (Pro Cinema LS9600e)
  • Laser light source with rapid warm-up and cool down
  • Instant Off
  • High-speed contrast control
  • Lamp life: 30,000 hours
  • Absolute Black contrast ratio (zero lumens during full-black scenes)
  • ISF calibration tools and THX Display Certification
  • 10 lens position memory (including zoom and focus positions)
  • Wide gamut color space with DCI and Adobe RGB modes
  • Noise: 19 dB SPL (thermal-conductive copper piping cooling)

The Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema LS10000 and PowerLite Pro Cinema LS9600e will be available in the Fall via CEDIA and specialty dealers for under $8,000 MSRP. Both projectors come with an Epson 3-year limited warranty and toll-free access to Epson’s PrivateLine priority technical support and free two-business day exchange.

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