Vizio 2022 Flat Panels Revealed

Fall is the season of change! The air gets crisp, the leaves start to change and fall, and AV companies announce their latest lineup! Following suit, Vizio has recently revealed their upcoming line of 2022 flat panel TVs. Take that Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!

The Lineup

Vizio’s 2022 flat panel TV’s end with a J (2021 was H).  They have also simplified the lineup a bit and promised to have a panel that will appeal to both enthusiasts and regular folks alike. Gamers take note: only the P Quantum X and P-series will carry HDMI 2.1 ports, allowing for VRR and 4k/120Hz.  

  • The Vizio P Quantum X (PQX) Series is now a single, 85-inch model. It gets 792 zones of local-dimming, and a claimed peak brightness of 3,000 nits.  This panel is solidly enthusiast level, offering support for al lthe HDR formats (HDR, HDR10+, HGL, and Dolby Vision). Add VRR, 4k/120Hz and AMD FreeSync, this panel will appeal to both home theater enthusiasts and next-gen console/PC gamers. 
  • The regular Vizio P-series also offers HDMI 2.1 and expanded support for video formats. But it  drops down to 210 zones of local dimming and can hit a peak brightness of 1200 nits. Offered in both 65” and 75” variants, it should appeal to buyers who can’t afford the flagship 85” PQX panel, but still want HDMI 2.1.
  • The Vizio MQ7 and MQ6 round out the lineup with budget minded choices. Offered in 43” to 75” variants, these 2022 flat panels from Vizion are light on features. They feature the older HDMI 2.0 chipset. The MQ7 has 32 zones of local dimming and the MQ6 has only 4. They reach 700 nits peak brightness, so HDR is possible, but may not be spectacular. 

There are a couple of things of note. None of the Vizio 2022 flat panels are 8k panels. Vizio is sticking with 4k and that seems like a good choice to us. They have dedicated buttons on the remote for seven different streaming services (probably great for programming a universal remote). They also support all the voice assistants including a new one that is of their own design. Why Vizio decided to create yet another voice assistant is the subject of much speculation around here. Lastly, almost none of the built-in apps support Dolby Atmos streaming at this time. Only Vudu can stream Atmos to your receiver or soundbar. If you want support for the most popular object-based surround format, you’ll need an external box.

Our Take 

The Vizio 2022 PQX flat panel is poised to be a huge contender amongst enthusiasts circles. It has a massive display, all-inclusive video format support, impressive local dimming/brightness, and HDMI 2.1 features.  It will also likely command a premium price. Given what it offers, it’s warranted. The Vizio PQ series still offers solid performance and features, and if competitively priced, should be popular amongst the masses. Unfortunately, the Vizio MQ series is lacking all around and will face stiff competition from TLC and Hisense who still offer value-driven, but feature-rich flat panels in this market segment. 

Expect pricing and availability dates closer to Black Friday. 

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  1. Tommy Cao Nguyen

    I’m so confused as to whether the latest PQX is released already or not. It’s not very clear even on the official website what year is the current PQX listed on their website.

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