Audeze LCD-5 Reference Planar Magnetic Headphone Overview

Audeze has announced the release of their most ambitious headphones to date. The LCD-5 reference planar magnetic headphones will run you a hefty $4500 a pair, but they come with all the latest technology from Audeze. These over-ear, open-back headphones sport a new driver design, a focus on reduced reflections, and even less weight than the LCD-4z’s. Let’s take a closer look.


Audeze LCD-5 Reference Planar Magnetic Headphones Technology

The big talk with Audeze’s LCD-5 reference planar magnetic headphones are the new drivers. They feature upgraded voice coils (Audeze calls them “Parallel Uniforce”) and a new magnet assembly. This has led to improved frequency response while keeping the impedance similar to the LCD-4z. One thing to note, the impedance rating we were given (18 ohms) is listed as 14 ohms on the website. The LCD-4z is rated at 15 ohms so, either way, the impedance isn’t significantly different.

While we don’t like to body-shame anyone (or anything), we were quite excited by the weight savings with the Audeze’s LCD-5 reference planar magnetic headphones. At only 420g (just under a pound), they are 140g lighter than the LCD-4z’s. That can make a pretty big difference in comfort when listening for longer periods of time. A lot of that weight savings likely comes from the new magnesium frame and carbon fiber headband.

Audeze has specifically designed the leather earpads to be internally sloped to help to reduce unwanted resonances
and interior reflections. The acetate earcups are luxuriously finished in a “tortoise shell” design which has a retro feel that we like. Audeze has included directional OCC copper designed with low capacitance and low resistance in mind. They also come with an aluminum carrying case.

Our Take

The Audeze’s LCD-5 reference planar magnetic headphones are for those connoisseurs that want the best of the best. They have tweaked every detail to wring as much performance as they can out of these new offerings. The aesthetics are on point, the performance upgraded, and they promise to be able to be driven by your phone. While they would certainly benefit from a dedicated headphone amplifier, the fact that you can pair these with most sources surely is an attractive quality. We are looking to get some of these in for review soon so check back.

The Audeze’s LCD-5 headphones are available now at Audeze.com.

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