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DISH iPhone Screen Repair and Battery Replacement Service Review

When you crack the screen on your phone it sometimes feels like the world is ending. Apple iPhones in particular are extremely expensive, and replacing the screen is a process that is not untaken lightly—though many venders would have you think that doing it yourself is the best plan. The new DISH iPhone screen repair and battery replacement service was started this year and matches their fleet of professionals with a whole new suite of services. The new DISH Smart Home Services division can take any of the following phones and either replace a cracked or shattered screen or swap out the battery with a high-quality Apple-compatible model:

  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 5C
  • Apple iPhone 5S
  • Apple iPhone 6 (not 6S)
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus (not 6S Plus)

And, of course, they can do both the screen and battery replacement if needed.

DISH iPhone Screen Repair Service Review Details

DISH does on-site repairs—that means they come to you. The cool thing is that they don’t just make it possible to come to your home. They’ll meet you at the office, the gym—anywhere you can get 30-45 minutes and provide a space with enough light to get the job done. What’s cool about this is that you get to have your device while you wait for the repair appointment. With other repair services you either have to go to a repair location or send in your phone and wait a minimum of 3-7 days to get it back.

DISH Smart Home Services claims to use the best available parts for their iPhone repairs (at this time OEM parts are not available to vendors other than Apple), and they back them with a 60 day warranty.

While they repair cracked or shattered screen glass and replace batteries on the Apple iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, and 6 Plus, they can’t repair devices damaged by liquids. For that, you’ll still need to go through Apple and pay the out of warranty repair fee (unless you have other insurance for your phone which covers this).

DISH Smart Home Services iPhone Repair Fees

iPhone 5S Pricing

  • Battery Replacement – $74.99
  • Screen Repair – $134.99
  • Screen/Battery Repair – $174.98

iPhone 6 Pricing

  • Battery Replacement – $74.99
  • Screen Repair – $154.99
  • Screen/Battery Repair – $194.98

iPhone 6 Plus Pricing

  • Battery Replacement – $74.99
  • Screen Repair – $184.99
  • Screen/Battery Repair – $224.98

Using DISH Smart Home Services

We called DISH Home Services and had them repair the screen on an iPhone 5S that had developed stress fractures on the screen. They began by using a suction cup to pull off the old cracked screen.

DISH iPhone screen repair open

Next, they disconnected the cable going to the home button to allow them to remove the screen assembly completely and begin the process of removing the TouchID home button and other parts that aren’t part of the new screen assembly.

DISH iPhone screen repair close

During the DISH iPhone screen repair, the DISH Smart Home Services technician placed each screw and part in a carefully arranged place so as to reassemble the phone in the reverse order without forgetting a part.

DISH iPhone parts separated

The final steps were reassembling the phone and, finally, snapping the new screen assembly back in place.

DISH iPhone screen reassembly


The tools the DISH Smart Home Services technician used were top-notched and designed specifically for Apple iPhone repairs. I could tell that the tech had been well-trained and was experienced—even before I was told that he had replaced over 70 iPhone screens before doing my job. DISH also backs their repairs with a warranty and told us that they make good on anything that might go wrong during a repair. Our technician had only one hiccup in the entire time he’s been repairing iPhone screens and batteries.

Using the DISH iPhone screen repair service is a great way to ensure a professional is handling the repair of your Apple iPhone. If you factor in the cost of having to replace or redo a botched repair, paying a professional becomes a really sound choice.

Chex out the DISH Smart Phone Repair website.

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