Displace Teases The World’s First “Truly Wireless” TV

TV display newcomer Displace teases the world’s first “truly wireless” TV, set to debut at CES 2023. If this claim is true, Displace could become a major disrupter in the flat panel world. A 4K OLED that runs on batteries? Let’s discuss.

What We Know

As expected, Displace is pretty tight-lipped about their new 4K battery-powered OLED panel. We know that the Displace TV is less than 20lbs, has no ports, and has a proprietary hot-swappable battery system. No ports you say? Don’t worry, the Displace TV has a wireless base station that contains the ports, an AMD CPU and Nvidia GPU, along with Wi-Fi 6E. While no specs have been released, an AMD/Nvidia combo hints toward gameplay, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see HDMI 2.1 goodies on-board.

Displace also said that you can control the TV via gestures and voice with built-in cameras and speakers. Although Displace hasn’t disclosed what operating system will control the TV, I think we can reasonably expect one of the major players. And with AMD/Nvidia being featured, a safe guess would be the Android operating system with Google Home and Chromecast support. But that is pure speculation on my part!

Of note, Displace designed their panel to suction to the wall. You read that right, folks, ya lick it and stick it to a wall. All jokes aside, the mounting system is what Displace calls an “active-loop vacuum technology.” This gives me significant pause. Not every surface is smooth or uniform. I would assume that this is a very pricy unit, and I do not feel comfortable at all just sticking it to my wall. In any case, it’s a brave new world and this technology could lead to all sorts of innovation.

Lastly, Displace claims that you can combine Displace TVs together to form larger displays. This news is very welcome, because one of the limitations of large-format TVs is size. Plus how are we going to get massive TVs into homes and around corners? By merging TVs together to form a high-resolution panel, we might finally have a competitor for projectors. Can you imagine a 165″ OLED?

But It’s Battery Powered!

So let’s talk about the elephant in the room, battery life. When I heard that the Displace TV was battery-powered, I imagined having a slew of costly batteries on hand. But Displace claims that a single battery pack will last up to a month on a single charge when using it up to six hours per day. And on top of that, they are hot-swappable. Now, it does use four batteries per unit, so I would expect that you will need a few extras on hand, and there is no word on pricing yet. But in any case, I wouldn’t fear that the TV will die suddenly when watching your favorite movies.

Our Take

So while there was no pricing available, I can assure you that this new technology will be pricy. That said, this is very exciting for the flat panel market. Not only do you have a display that can be set up virtually anywhere and on a variety of surfaces, but they can also be linked. This has purposes for commercial and home markets.

I, for one, am very excited to see the Displace TV in action and get a sense of pricing. The Displace TV could be a massive disrupter in the flat panel market. We will update once more information is released!

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