Epson LS12000 vs LS11000 – What does $1000 Get You?

A while ago, we covered the release of the installer-focused $5000 Epson LS12000 projector. At the time, we surmised that a consumer-level version would be released in short order. That day has come. The Epson LS11000 sports a price tag a full $1000 less than the LS12000. But what are the differences? When comparing the Epson LS12000 vs the LS11000, which should you buy? We compare.

As a reminder, these projectors are 4K-capable laser-driven projectors. They do 4K by using what we call “wobble-K.” This means they take a lower resolution chip and “wobble” it very quickly to create all the required pixels. This can be very effective and Epson is one of the best with this tech. Both projectors sport a native 1080p panel that is refreshed at 240Hz to produce 4K at 120 frames-per-second (important to gamers).

The other interesting technology included with both is Epson’s new ZX Picture Processor to apply scene-by-scene gamma adjustments for HDR. Strictly speaking, this is not frame-by-frame dynamic tone mapping. A single tone map is applied to each scene. Plus, there’s a 16-step slider to adjust the overall image level (a global tone map if you will).

Epson LS11000 vs LS12000 – The Differences

The one difference that we knew was coming was the color. The installer versions of Epson projectors are always black, the consumer version white. The LS12000 claims slightly higher lumen output (2,700 vs 2,500), but it also uses an “Ultra Black” polarization filter that doesn’t seem to be present in the LS11000. This lets the LS12000 claim 2.5 million to 1 contrast, while the 11000 can only claim 1.2 million to 1 contrast.

The other differences between the Epson LS11000 vs the LS12000 are rarely minor. The Epson LS12000 has a longer warranty (3 years vs 2 years), anamorphic lens support, and an included ceiling mount missing from the LS11000. That last thing might push some to choose the LS12000 over the LS11000. The higher contrast is attractive and a decent ceiling mount can run easily $200-$300.

Our Take

The comparison of the Epson LS11000 vs the LS12000 is closer than we thought. We tried to find exactly which ceiling mount is included with the LS12000 because that would make our decision much easier. If it is a quality mount that we’d actually use, the $5000 price tag for the LS12000 starts to look a lot more palatable. If it is too basic, we’d probably lean toward the $4000 LS11000 and try not to think about the reduced black-level performance.

What about you? Which do you think you’d choose? Let us know in the comment or on our Facebook page!

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  1. FM

    According to Epson Marketing Material for the LS11000, “Service Programs 3-year projector limited warranty, Extra
    Care SM Home Service program, PrivateLine® dedicated toll-free support (U.S. and Canada only)” might want to update your article..

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