Looking for a Deal on an Epson Projector? Buy Refurbished Directly from Epson!

Not everyone needs or even wants the cutting edge of technology. Most people are okay with a product that is a couple of years old as long as they can feel confident that it is in great shape. We’ve often recommended buying refurbished gear around here. However, not everyone feels comfortable buying from a third-party reseller of equipment. Well, now you can buy refurbished gear direction from Epson. Let’s talk about their new Certified ReNew program!

What is Epson Certified ReNew?

Essentially, if you are looking for the highest quality refurbished Epson products to buy, their Certified ReNew program is the way to go. Not only do they go through every product that they are selling to make sure that they are mechanically identical to when they were originally sold, but they are cosmetically cleaned so that they also look brand new. Each product is tested to ensure it functions 100% as original and all cables, manuals, and remotes are provided. It is then repackaged in a 100% recycled box and shipped directly to you. They even offer free shipping if you choose the ground option.

Most importantly, you get a full factory warranty as if you had bought a new product. Since you bought directly from Epson, there are no worries about your refurbished product not having the expected warranty.

Epson 5050UB vs 5040UB projector

What Products Are They Offering?

Currently, Epson is offering printers, projectors, and scanners through their Certified ReNew program. Of course, we are most interested in their projectors, but we’re sure they also have some great deals on printers and scanners. If you are thinking of buying a projector, it makes sense to keep an eye on Epson’s refurbished offerings as we suspect they’ll change often.

As of this writing, they have the 5050UB (a very popular home theater projector) for $2200 (originally priced at $3k) and a few UST projectors (the LS300 and LS500 models). There are other projectors on there as well but those were the ones that caught our eye.

Are There Dangers to Buying Refurbished?

With the Certified ReNew program, Epson has removed a lot of the dangers of buying refurbished. When you buy from a third-party reseller (especially on a site like Amazon), you don’t really know if they are authorized. Without being authorized, their warranty claims are definitely not going to be honored by the manufacturer. You don’t even know if the product has been inspected and will work. Buying from non-authorized resellers is not advised.

Since you are buying a refurbished product directly from Epson, all those concerns go away. You know the product has been inspected thoroughly. You know you’ll get all the cables and accessories. The warranty will certainly be honored since you are buying directly from Epson. The one thing we’d warn you about is returns. Epson doesn’t take them. If they send you a product and it doesn’t work, they’ll replace it. But if you buy a projector and you don’t calculate the throw distance properly or run into other issues, you will be out of luck. There are no returns on refurbished products. Since you are getting quite the price break, that seems to be fair to us.

What do you think of the Epson Certified ReNew program? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Salamaster

    I scored a refurb’d 5040UB directly from epson four years ago for $1150- a CRAZY deal. It’s been flawless. No regrets, other than they didn’t have a 6040 available, which is black like my previous 6010. Both are fat blobby loafs of disastrous design despite their excellent performance. At least the 6040 in black hides its chub like a black evening dress. My white 5040 looks awful against the black surroundings it’s positioned, but… $1150. I’m not sure I’d go almost double that for an X050 refurb, but I can attest to the quality of Epson’s refurbished products.

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