Puro BT2200-Plus Children’s Headphone Review

As parents, we want to, more than anything, protect our children. Many times from themselves. With so much content out there that is geared just for them, it is inevitable that they will want to watch it. It is also inevitable that we will contemplate ending our lives if we have to hear one more minute of it. The same voices, the same songs, the same jokes over and over. Headphones, of course, are a solution. But they can be turned up too loud and damage your child’s hearing! Enter the Puro BT2200-Plus children’s headphones. Designed specifically for children, these headphones have features like no other. Let’s take a closer look!

Puro BT2200-Plus children’s headphones Specs

  • Type of headphone: On-ear headphones & Over-ear
  • Volume limiting: 85 dBA sound Limit
  • Ambient noise reduction: 83% of noise
  • Daisy Chain Cable: For two Puro headphones to share one device
  • Wireless: Bluetooth® 5.1 wireless capability
  • Wireless range: Up to 30 feet from Bluetooth® source
  • Battery life: 20 hours playback; 200 hours standby
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion rechargeable
  • Charging: USB-C Charging

Puro BT2200-Plus Design

The Puro BT2200-Plus children’s headphones are fairly unique to the market. The idea is that they are made for children with the idea that parents can let their kids use them without worrying about them damaging their hearing. That’s all well and good for the parents, but that doesn’t make the kids want to actually use them. That’s where the design comes in!

First, these don’t look like “kids” headphones. The Puro BT2200-Plus children’s headphones have a full-sized case, metal cans, and a professional feel. Most kids’ stuff is cheap plastic and even cheaper components. While your very young children might not care as much, older kids will definitely be more likely to want to use these if they don’t look and feel so “kiddie.” They also come in a wide range of color schemes to fit your kid’s personality.

The Puro sport interchangeable cups for on-ear and over-ear usage. I don’t think of it that way. Instead, I see the cups as over-ear for different age ranges. Young kids can use the smaller cups and have them basically be over-ear but not so large that they slide around. Older kids can use the larger cups. The cups are easily interchangeable so you can allow them to choose. It also gives you a backup if your kid loses or damages one. This brilliant ability for the Puro BT2200-Plus to grow with your child is unique in the headphone space. It will also become very important when we start to talk about price.

Puro BT2200-Plus Features

Other than the interchangeable earcups, the main feature of the Puro BT2200-Plus is that they limit the maximum volume to 85dB. Kids love to press buttons, and it isn’t uncommon for them to increase the volume to what you’d consider to be an unacceptable level. With the Puros BT2200-Plus, your child can change the volume as much as they want, the headphones will never get louder than 85dB.

Is 85dB loud? Well, it’s loud enough to hear what is being said clearly, but not loud enough to damage your child’s hearing. OSHA requires that workers wear hearing protection if they are exposed to an average of 85dB of noise over 8 hours! The Pura BT2200-Plus headphones ensure that your child never receives that level of noise from their content.

Other features are a bit more mundane. The Puro BT2200-Plus can be used wirelessly or connected via Bluetooth. They passively reduce exterior noise by a reported 83% (which is what you’d expect from any closed-back headphones). They also can be daisy-chained with an included cable to connect two pairs of Puros to the same source. For families with more than one child, having an easy way to connect them both to the same source is a huge plus.

Puro BT2200-Plus Sound Quality

I mean…who cares? You aren’t listening to them so as long as they make noise they are good enough?

That said, I did listen to them and I was quite impressed. Often, headphones that are marketed toward children are straight garbage. These sounded very good overall. There isn’t as much bass as I would have liked and the overall frequency response wasn’t as flat as I would have preferred. But if you are a parent that wants your child to experience decent sound so that they can (maybe) grow up to enjoy audio as much as you do, these are a great choice.

You have two connection options – wired and Bluetooth. I tried them both and they were both as easy as you’d expect. Bluetooth connected quickly and there was no noticeable lag when viewing content. All the controls on the side are easy to read and reach with physical buttons that stood very proud of the cup. The arms were labeled for each side in case your child (or you) removed both earpads and didn’t know which was right or left. Overall, a very robust and well-thought-out design.

If you are thinking that these are headphones that you can use as well, I’d suggest that they probably are not. While they weren’t totally uncomfortable for me to wear, they were quite small. The larger earcups were comfortable enough, but the shorter reach meant that they just barely extended to the bottom of my ears and generally pulled up on my head as I wore them.

Kid’s Review

One of the reasons that I accepted the Puro BT2200-Plus review is because I do, in fact, have children. Most of them are above the target age of the headphones, but I still have one that is young enough. Turning 14 during the review period, he used the headphones extensively as he watched what I can only describe as a string of infinitely bizarre YouTube videos showcasing very loud people playing Minecraft. He also used them when playing games and watching other content.

His report was, as you’d expect from a teenager, brief. “They sound fine,” “I like them,” and “Stop talking to me,” were his most common responses. He reported that he found them comfortable (he used the larger earcups). The one thing that he did mention (unprompted) was that they were sort of quiet.

If you are a parent and you just hit one of those “Shop at Amazon” buttons in this article, I wouldn’t blame you (and would thank you for the affiliate income). See, he didn’t say, “Too quiet,” he just said that they were a little quiet. He still used them (even though he has other headphone options available) and continues to use them. For younger kids, they probably won’t even notice that they aren’t as loud as other headphones. What this does is confirm Puro’s claims about the noise limits. The Puro BT2200-Plus headphones work – they protect your child’s hearing. If that is what you are mostly worried about, these should be on your shopping list.

Concerns and Commendations

My one concern about the Puro BT2200-Plus headphones is, ironically, the volume limiting. When my son talked about how they were “a little quiet,” he mentioned that he needed to turn the volume on the computer all the way up. That’s fine, as long as he only uses the Puros. But what if he switched headphones, or if the device is used by more than one person? This does create a hazard for an unknowing user that may cause damage to their headphones, speakers, or ears if the volume isn’t reduced. If only your child uses the device and only with the Puro headphones, you may not need to worry. But it is something to keep in mind.

I mentioned the aesthetic of the Puro BT2200-Plus headphones above, I focused on how much they looked and felt like “real” headphones. For older kids, this is a plus. For younger ones, the build quality is of the same level. Metal cans, robust headband, interchangeable earcups, and extendable arms all means that these are headphones that will last. Not only over time but with a modicum of abuse. Of course, anything can be broken, but the Puro BT2200-Plus headphones seem to be built to a much higher standard than traditional children’s fare.


When we render a verdict, we always have to consider price. From a feature and build-quality standpoint, the Puro BT2200-Plus children’s headphones are a home run. The $120 price point, however, may give some parents pause. You can buy a lot of very cheap, plastic headphones for your child for $120. If your child is very young, and prone to breaking things, we can understand why you might go that route. But if your child is old enough not to actively try to destroy everything they touch, the Puro starts to make a lot more sense. Built-in hearing protection, a slew of child-focused features, and a build quality that makes them more durable as well as more attractive to your child? The Puro BT2200-Plus children’s headphones are a win. Recommended!

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