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Samsung Curved Soundbar HW-H7500 Preview

It’s the week of the soundbar speakers. Earlier, there was an announcement of the new Yamaha YSP-2500 digital sound projector. This week, Samsung Electronics, known for its very lithe and aesthetically-awesome products, released its latest product. Samsung started giving Apple a run for its money…oh, about right after the introduction of the iPhone. Their newest creation is a curved soundbar that matches the curve of its new OLED televisions. The new HW-H7500 Curved Soundbar is the world’s first TV-Matching Curved Soundbar. And of course it is—because no one else is really making curved TV screens. In any case, the new curved soundbar is designed to blend perfectly with the look and shape of the new Samsung 55 and 65-inch Curved UHD TVs.

Samsung curved soundbar side

The Samsung Shape HW-H7500 Curved Soundbar also blends in well with the company’s Wireless Audio-Multiroom M3 speaker, the smallest of the Shape speakers (it complements the Samsung Shape M5 and M7 wireless speakers). The HW-H7500 curved soundbar is not just fancy, it’s compact, sporting a low profile and perfect for fitting underneath Samsung’s curved TVs without blocking the action.

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“With a passion to elevate entertainment experiences for consumers, we continue to lead the industry in key audio segments and deliver innovative premium products designed to create the best audio and home theater entertainment experiences. With the launch of the M3, we’re excited to unveil the latest addition to our award winning Shape Wireless Audio Multi-room ecosystem and demonstrate our commitment to the wireless audio market. Meanwhile, the arrival of the Curved Soundbar strikes the balance between outstanding sound quality and standout design that’s meant to fit seamlessly with our Curved TVs and in any living room environment.”

Joe Stinziano, Executive Vice President, Samsung Electronics America

Samsung curved soundbar front

Samsung curved soundbar angledThe Samsung HW-H7500 Curved Soundbar is built with a curved form factor and crafted with a finely brushed aluminum finish. But it’s not all just looks. The soundbar features support for 8.1 channel playback, delivering sound from the front as well as immersive effects from the two drivers located on both sides of the unit. The effect is a surround experience that has sound coming from three directions. Samsung’s proprietary DSP also provides enhanced detailed sound, with detailed mid and low-range response. There’s also a wireless subwoofer that is included with the system for super low bass and for freeing up the soundbar to do what it does best. The whole package is rounded out with user-friendly controls, a built in equalizer, and additional features made possible by using any Samsung TV remote. Connectivity to Samsung TVs is also simple when you use Samsung’s “TV SoundConnect” mode.

Perhaps the most unintuitive aspect of this new curved speaker/soundbar is that you can wall mount it, or the Soundbar can also be attached onto the stand under a Curved UHD Samsung TV. Samsung’s new HW-H7500 Curved Soundbar is available today for $800.

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  1. Ted

    I heard somewhere that the curved soundbar (HW-H7500/7501) doesn’t work with the larger M5 and M7 wireless speakers in a multiroom setup? I hope that’s a misunderstanding, because it would make more sense if the soundbar and M5/M7 speakers could be combined for watching movies or listening to music.

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