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Atlantic Technology 44-DA Speaker Module for Dolby Atmos

Atlantic Tech 44-DA module angledWith Dolby Atmos receivers hitting the market, there is a definite need for speakers that can support the features and capabilities of the new format. Atlantic Technology just announced a new product that really makes a lot of sense and essentially adapts some of its current speakers to better make use of the new format—particularly when it comes to the overhead channels. The Atlantic Technology 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker module is perfect for users wanting to upgrade their system to better utilize the new and emerging Dolby Atmos home theater soundtracks hitting home theater.

Dolby Atmos is a relatively new technology that does away with traditional 5.1/7.1/11.1/etc speaker configurations in favor of a construct that allows sound to emanate from virtually anywhere. Instead of diffuse surround, Dolby Atmos promotes point-source direct sound effect mixing and allows rerecording engineers who mix movies to place effects in very detailed and specific areas around the room. One key element to getting all of this to work is elevation channels, or height speakers. As an object-based format, Dolby Atmos creates a vertical sense of space above the listener using these new channels. The Dolby Atmos renderer in a Dolby Atmos enabled AV receiver takes the existing soundtrack and adapts it to whatever speaker configuration or layout you are using in your home theater system.

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These new ceiling or height effects require a speaker with an extremely precise frequency response and directional sound radiation characteristics. The Atlantic Technology 44-DA speaker module can be added to almost any of the company’s existing systems (or, really, to any home theater speakers or system) and it gives you a way to achieve that realistic atmospheric envelop above the listening position. You can use up to four (or more) of the 44-DA speaker modules and they can be used directly atop a speaker:

Atlantic Tech 44-DA module 4400LR

Or mounted on an open bookshelf or other location:

Atlantic Tech 44-DA module shelf

The drivers on the Atlantic Technology 44-DA Dolby Atmos-enabled loudspeaker module utilize a 5-1/4″ woofer and a 1″ silk dome tweeter that are arranged coaxially (Atlantic Technology calls this a concentric driver array or CDA). The sound fires from the top of the speaker enclosure at a precisely-determined angle designed to deliver a “controlled acoustic scatter”. This broadens the sweet spot of the sound which is then reflected by the ceiling. Because of this, placement flexibility increases and you don’t have to be as precise with each speaker in your home theater or listening room.

Dolby actually used the Atlantic Technology system to demo the technology in closed door partner demonstrations last year at CEDIA. These are speakers that seem like a great addition to the line, and Atlantic Technology has really gotten in front of the Atmos home theater technology by releasing them this early.

Atlantic Tech 44-DA module top

The new 44-DA speaker modules are small, measuring only 5.5″H x 8.4″W x 9.5″D. While designed to fit perfectly atop the THX-certified Atlantic Technology 4400 LR speakers as an integrated “one-piece” design, the compact 44-DA modules fit atop virtually any speaker. They’re also perfect for use as stand-alone elevation speakers within a complete Dolby Atmos home theater system.

“The availability of the 44-DA facilitates the transformation of an ordinary home theater into an extraordinary listening experience for the custom installer and home theater enthusiast alike. The 44-DA represents the next step forward in delivering a truly believable sonic theater experience in the home. I am proud that Atlantic’s advanced engineering–working closely with Dolby–has produced this revolutionary loudspeaker.”

Peter Tribeman, president and founder of Atlantic Technology

The Atlantic Technology 44-DA loudspeaker modules will be available beginning in the 4th quarter of 2014. Look for them at authorized Atlantic dealers like Audiogurus. The 44-DA speakers will have an MSRP of $499/pair.

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