beyerdynamic PRO X Headphones and Mics Overview

Today, beyerdynamic launched their new PRO X series headphones and microphones. The headphones are essentially identical except one is open back and the other is closed. The mics however are a bit different. We’ll be looking at all four in this overview but have requested some review units. Look forward to that soon.

beyerdynamic DT 700 and DT 900 PRO X Headphones

As we mentioned, the two new headphones are essentially identical internally. The beyerdynamic DT 700 and DT 900 PRO X are 48 ohm nominal meaning they can be used with your phone or with your headphone amplifier. They are light (both around three-quarters of a pound) and have very plush earcups. The earcups and headband pad are removable and replaceable.

The only real difference between the beyerdynamic DT 700 and DT 900 PRO X headphones are the open-back versus closed-back design. Even the prices are the same at $299 a pair. We really like the mini-XLR connector that they use to connect the cable to the headphones. This creates an extremely secure connection. They have two cables included (3 meter and 1.8 meter). These are clearly intended for long use and designed for maximum comfort. We can’t wait to hear them!

beyerdynamic M 70 and M 90 PRO X Microphones

Unlike the headphones, the M 70 and M 90 microphones are quite different. The M70 PRO X is designed by beyerdynamic for streaming and more casual use while the M 90 is more targeted at recordings. They’ve chosen a dynamic transducer for the M 70. This will block out much of the background noise and minimize the effects of challenging rooms (i.e. those that have not been acoustically treated). The M 90 PRO X microphone utilizes a true condenser transducer. The M 90 will be much more sensitive and pick up much more of the ambient noise. Of course, the M 90 will need phantom power (as do all condenser mics) while the M 70 will not. Both mics sport XLR connections.

The big difference between the two microphones is their tuning. The M 70 is designed with voices in mind. This means that it is limited to a 50Hz to 18kHz frequency response. The M 90 will pick up the full range of human hearing (20Hz to 20kHz). Both mics come with a pop filter and a shock mount. These are welcome additions as many don’t realize that they’ll need these when they start shopping for a microphone.

Beyerdynamic might have designed the M 70 and M 90 PRO X mics for different uses, but there is no reason you couldn’t use the M 90 for podcasting or streaming. You’d just need to be a little more careful about making sure your room isn’t too reflective (we’ve got a DIY guide to help). The M 70 PRO X will run you $299 while the M 90 PRO X will cost $349 at retail. With the included accessories, these are pretty attractive prices.


While we won’t know how these will perform until we get review units, we like what we are seeing from beyerdynamic. The new PRO X series seems to be priced well and offers upgraded and targeted performance. As more and more of our time is being spent online in our work and play, people are going to be looking for better equipment. These PRO X offerings from beyerdynamic might just be what they need.

For more information, please visit beyerdynamic.com.

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