Brelyon’s Ultra Reality Display: VR Without the Headset

Any of us that grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation has dreamed of a holodeck. A while ago, Brelon promised that they have a product that could, in theory, be the first step to making that a reality (here is their TEDx talk on the subject). At CES 2022, they finally have a product to show. Plus, you can preorder it now! Brelyon’s Ultra Reality display looks like a widescreen old-school CRT but it is so much more. Let’s take a look.

VR Without the Headset

While some science fiction envisions us strapped to chairs with our brains plugged into the Internet, many of us don’t want that to happen. Instead, we want to be able to walk around, as normal, and explore virtual worlds. The problem has traditionally been that you need a headset for convincing virtual reality. We need each eye to get its own information so that our brains perceive the depth of field convincingly.

Brelyon’s Ultra Reality display promises this without the glasses. Their 120″ curved display can display a 107° field of view that is five feet deep. Now, you may be wondering if that means you need to lock your head into the perfect location for the curved effect. It doesn’t seem so. The 3D effect seems to work at an angle. But there is an optimal location to see everything the display can show you. That is clear by how people are shown using the display in some of their videos.

Brelyon Ultra Reality Display Specs

Not a lot has been released about the Ultra Reality display. We know it has two HDMI and two DisplayPort inputs. It promises 4k resolution at 114Hz (the refresh rate is indicative of a 3D display). We’ve seen mockups of the display with one large foot and two smaller ones. It is unclear how they will be shipped. It should be noted that Brelyon promises that their Ultra Reality display doesn’t need a 3D signal to do its thing. Instead, it can work with both 2D and 3D images to create the 3D effect.

Brelyon has shown, and clearly means, for their Ultra Reality display to be used in settings outside of gaming. With the explosion of telecommuting and virtual groups, a display that makes those meetings seem more real could increase engagement. More importantly, a display that looks bigger on the inside (they really should have worked a Tardis reference in here somewhere), you can have the experience of multiple displays with a (relatively) smaller footprint. Plus, they say it will be good for sports. Mostly because sports sells displays.

Our Take

We are all about advancements in display technology. Honestly, the Ultra Reality display from Brelyon looks very cool. The problem with something like this is sharing. If the display only really works for one person at a time, how popular will it really be? A big selling point for us is that it can work with normal 2D feeds. That’s huge. But our question will always be, “How well?” Until we see the Brelyon Ultra Reality display in action, we can’t know. At this point, it looks like a very cool tech demo with huge potential. Only time will tell how well it will be adopted.

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