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B&W Announces Zeppelin for 2021

B&W released the original Zeppelin back in 2007 when iPods were the most common way to store and stream your music. Oh, how times have changed! B&W has reimagined for 2021 their popular Zeppelin iPod dock to keep pace and updated it for the streaming age. It has, of course, maintained the shape of its namesake, the Zeppelin. But there are lots of changes to be excited about. It’s available now and priced at $799.

Under the Hood

The new 2021 B&W Zeppelin is a “complete stereo system.” It has separate left and right channels and a dedicated subwoofer built-in. This means that users will get a dynamic experience from a compact form factor. The 2021 B&W Zeppelin features two decoupled dome tweeters borrowed from their 600 series, a pair of 3.5” midrange drivers, and a centrally located 6” dedicated subwoofer. The drivers are carefully braced and isolated to combat any vibrations and to stabilize the unit. The Zeppelin sports a 240W amplifier, ensuring that you have plenty of power to stream your tunes. The 2021 B&W Zeppelin is rated down to 35Hz.

B&W is offering the 2021 Zeppelin in two colours, Midnight Grey and Pearl Grey. You might look at them and call them black and white, but B&W seems convinced that they are both grey. It sits atop a metal pedestal and is accented by dimmable LED ambient lighting, creating a holo lighting effect for your speaker.

The Tech

The 2021 B&W Zeppelin comes packed with lots of streaming options. Users can instantly connect with Apple Airplay 2, Bluetooth 5.0, and Spotify Connect. This means that whether you are iOS, Android, or computer-based, you can easily connect to your new Zeppelin. An available Bowers and Wilkins Music App will allow you to stream Deezer,, Qobuz, SoundCloud, TIDAL, and TuneIn.

B&W has also built Alexa into the new 2021 Zeppelin. So now you can ask your Zeppelin to play your tunes or use the physical controls on the unit. The 2021 B&W Zeppelin can receive software and firmware updates. This ensures that your Zeppelin can continue to evolve as technology does. B&W has already announced they will update to multi-room capability in 2022. Multi-room will allow users to link up multiple Zeppelins or a Zeppelin and other B&W speakers for a whole-home music experience.

One thing you will notice is that the 2021 Zeppelin has no ports for directly connecting another device. The only way to get music to the speaker is wirelessly. The USB-C port is only used for servicing.

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Our Take

The original Zeppelin was a hit and was beloved by users for many years. The new, reimagined Zeppelin is poised to do the same. With the same unique styling, updated software and streaming services, and a suite of capable speakers powered by a powerful amplifier, this unit should appeal to those who want a premium product that delivers. At $799, the 2021 B&W Zeppelin isn’t cheap. But the previous version wasn’t either. We expect that this version will have just as much of a following as the last.

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