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15 Comments on How to Calibrate Surround Sound Levels

  1. Maks Avatar

    What should be the volume level on the receiver when you calibrate Speaker Lever? i.e. should I turn the volume on receiver high up ( what should be db ) before I begin calibrating..

    I started calibrating on my Yamaha receiver with the volume level ( to the one I usually listen ) and I can’t reach 75db on my SPL ( using app on my android) even after upping the speaker level to the highest.
    Can someone please advise.

    • I calibrate to 75 dB SPL on an SPL meter set to C-weighting and slow response. Set the main speaker volume on your receiver to that and calibrate your levels for the other speakers from there.

      • Mithun Avatar

        Should the receiver volume be increased or decreased for adjusting each channel? Or we should leave the AVR volume to a particular level and then increase the volume for each channel from system setup, like MCACC setup?

  2. kingmag Avatar

    If you replace a speaker in your setup, say a center channel, do you have to go thru the the whole microphone setup of calibration again, or can you just adjust manually?

    • You can do either, but you definitely need to calibrate at least the front three speakers in terms of level. If you ran an automated setup in the beginning, then I would rerun it with the new speaker(s).

  3. Jason Rybaczuk Avatar

    If I want to eq my speakers using an spl meter do I play the recievers pink noise then turn each frequency to let’s say 80 Hz so I get a flat sound

  4. Sony Thomas Avatar

    I have an onkyo amp NR 515 connected to Aquostimass 10 series IV. What should be the calibration levels set to.

  5. michael Avatar

    I have a Yamaha Rx-A3050 and the test tone is not fixed. So if I understand correct I should turn pink noise on for left speaker and raise master volume to 75db on spl and then set the other 4 speakers to 75db with the in menu channel level?

  6. joe Avatar

    Hi, I have a pretty old system for which I finally purchased the final piece. B&W 300 series. 4-DM302’s and CC3 center channel powered by AVR135 Harmon Kardon. I don’t want to spend more money to calibrate. Any way of doing this by ear or rule of thumb? the room is barely 180sqft. my listening position is not typical, my couch is against the right side wall. FR is 9ft from me SR behind my head at 4ft from me, FL is 12ft and SL is 9ft. I have the left side db levels at +5db, right side +3db, SW +3 and center at +5. Sounds pretty good to me. the left side speakers are angled towards my listening position, right side basically straight ahead since I’m lying in a position where both rights are directly in line with me and the sound still sounds like it’s coming directly from the center of my TV screen. Do I need to adjust more ?

  7. Dr.Mohan Avatar

    Is the Dolby System of Speaker Arrangement Essential for BOSE Speakers as I noticed that the 2 Speaker drivers in each JewelCube Speaker of BOSE is already Angled according to Dolby. But my question is if I have to Angle the Speakers Centering on the Listener especially in BOSE Lifestyle System of which there’s no clear instructions.

  8. David Avatar

    I don’t understand how you get the receiver to even make a Nosie for the SPL meter to pic up a signal and if you have already run Auddessey and it has set all your speaker levels for you do you have to go into speaker level volumes and set them all back to 00db before using the SPL meter on each speaker again

    • If you go into the speaker setup menu, go to manual setup, and levels. It will output a tone for each speaker. Make sure your volume knob is at 0dB so that you are getting the full 75dB. Audyssey will do this for you, but you can do it yourself from this menu or double-check Audyssey’s levels. Especially helpful if someone has been fiddling with the remote 😉

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