Deal Alert! 85″ Vizio P-Series for $3k!

Vizio makes a lot of televisions aimed at a lot of different consumers. Because of this, there are some offerings in their line that are built for people that only care about price. Honestly, those sets are not that great. But the P-Series is built for people that care about the picture and want a great deal. We have often recommended the Vizio P-Series but when saw this deal, we nearly slid out of our seats.

The 85″ Vizio P85QX-H1 is currently on sale at Walmart for just under $3k! That’s an insane price for a picture size that rivals a projector. This is a display that has all the bells and whistles – Dolby Vision, HDR, 4k, VRR, HDMI 2.1, and more. It is extremely bright but has inky blacks due to its 792 local dimming zones. It has low latency which is great for gaming. Currently available at Amazon for over $4k, the Walmart price is over a thousand dollars cheaper. If you are thinking of getting a display, this is a steal! Jump on it! But, hey, if you need a slightly larger display, you can get the 88″ LG OLED for a cool $30,000!

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