Denon Denon Envaya DSB-200 Bluetooth speaker Portable

Denon Envaya DSB-200 Bluetooth Speaker

The Denon Envaya DSB-200 Bluetooth Speaker takes Denon sound quality and shoehorns it into a speaker not much larger than a book. The Denon DSB-200 features AptX Bluetooth which delivers low-latency audiophile sound quality for devices that support it. Further, Denon added Bluetooth Audio with NFC (Near Field Contact) capability so that you can just “tap to pair” in order to start Bluetooth streaming. Sound is created by a pair of 2″ drivers powered by a high efficiency Class D amplifier. To get the deeper bass response the DSB-200 provides, the Denon Envaya speaker also uses a large 4″ passive radiator. It couples that with a digital low frequency processing system to create audio output a full octave and a half below the actual physical capability of the drivers. That’s a neat trick and has to be heard to be believed. In addition to the NFC and AptX Bluetooth connectivity, there is an 1/8” analogue input.

Denon Envaya DSB-200 grille colors

In addition to the default Black, the Denon Envaya DSB-200 Bluetooth speaker comes with 4 included grille cloth inserts.

One other feature of the Denon Envaya DSB-200 Bluetooth speaker is that you can change out the grille color. There are 4 additional color cloth options (White, Blue, Pink, and Orange) and all are included. When you want to hear music you simply “squeeze to open” the speaker design to stand it up, and fold it flat again for storage. The built-in lithium-ion battery will run the Envaya speaker for 10 hours, plus you can use the system as an external battery pack to power up your USB-connected mobile devices. An LED battery life indicator lets you know your charge level, and it only takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge the battery.

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Having aptX CSR decoding on this and other speakers really is telling for Denon. They obviously care about higher resolution streaming—and that says a lot. Bluetooth with AptX delivers CD quality sound, and it’s a huge leap forward compared to traditional Bluetooth streaming. Denon also included MaxxAudio technology, a DSP processing system developed by Waves, who makes more than a few DSP plugins for the professional audio industry. The Denon Envaya DSB-200 Bluettoth speaker will remember up to 8 devices, and it includes multi-point Bluetooth which allows as many as three devices to be connected at any one time. This is really awesome for parties or when you want to play “Name That Tune” with your friends. The Denon Envaya speaker can be purchased with a black or high gloss white finish with a durable rubberized coating. Both versions include all four interchangeable color grille cloths. The entire speaker measures 10″ wide x 5.6″ tall x 1.9″ deep and weighs only 2.8 pounds. It carries a $219.99 retail price, but Audiogurus will be able to sell it for $199.

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For more information please visit the Denon USA website.

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