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Discovering the Electrify Expo 2024

There are a lot of industry events that are designed almost solely for press, media, and industry insiders. The Electrify Expo is not one of these. Electrify is targeted squarely at consumers giving you access to the latest in electrically-powered vehicles and devices. Ever want to try out one of the newest E-vehicles, eBikes, or other electrically-powered modes of transportation? The Electrify Expo 2024 gives you access to all of these (and more). All for only $20 a ticket! Let’s discuss!


We attended the Orlando Electrify Expo. It was held outdoors at the convention center. Luckily, the weather cooperated and we were treated to overcast skies but no rain. The large outdoor area allowed for many different areas including spaces for vendors to show off their latest products, test ride and drive areas, and a “food court” that had covered seating and food trucks.

Expect to see more than just the latest E-vehicles. There were lots of solar solutions, charging stations (for your E-vehicle), and E-vehicle accessories. Notably absent were many of the electronic gadgets that our readers would be most interested in. The reality is that the Electrify Expo is still a fairly new event. We expect as it grows in exposure and popularity, we’ll see more of these at the event. The people that are interested in E-vehicles are also interested in gadgets!

Anker Solix

Anker was everywhere at the Electrify Expo 2024. They were the main reason why attendees didn’t need to step over cables and cable protectors. Every booth had access to portable Anker batteries for their lights, tools, and charging stations. The only time I saw mains power in use was in the car test area for charging multiple cars at a time.

In their booth, they were showing off the Solix X1 home energy solution. The units were surprisingly thin with a very elegant French cleat wall hanging solution. There were also portable batteries (like the ones used all over the Expo) on display of various sizes. We’ll be getting some of the smaller ones in for review soon so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Cars and Test Drives

If you are headed to the Electrify Expo, you probably are at least interested in an EV. While there were lots of Teslas on display and available to test drive, cars from nearly every manufacturer were there. Rivian trucks, electric F-150’s, and offerings from everyone from Kia to BMW were on display. Many you could test drive (slowly) in the designated area. In the vendor area were tons of cars that had modifications on display including “upgraded” exhaust solutions from THOR to make your silent Tesla sound like a muscle car. Having heard it in person, I can say it sounded very realistic.

There was a high-speed demo area where you could test out electric motorcycles (after donning a helmet and signing a waiver of course). People weren’t going extremely fast but they did have huge smiles on their faces. Also in that area was an electric skateboarding area. These were decidedly NOT high-speed, but there was a high probability of falling off. There was definitely a learning curve on those.

Lastly, you couldn’t miss the Ford Mustang high-speed test. This was audible from every corner of the Expo. Ford had two cars going at nearly all times manned by professional drivers. No, you weren’t going to go whipping these around the parking lot yourself. The drivers did ensure that you had an exciting ride showing off the instant power of the EV. The line for these demos was by far the longest.


The E-bike area was one of the most popular of the Electrify Expo 2024. You could test-ride nearly everything. Everything from E-scooters to passenger bikes were on display. Rad Power was there in force along with a bunch of other companies with very similar-looking options. We test-rode quite a few different bikes. But only one stood out to us as being a cut above.


Stromer was, by far, the most impressive E-bike at the Electrify Expo 2024 in Orlando. These bikes were pedal-assist only (no throttle). They were (for the most part) belt drive rather than a traditional chain. The rear wheel sported the motor but had a thru-axle. Most E-bikes have a traditional axle that is held in place by nuts with washers with security tabs. One thing that most owners of E-bikes don’t consider is maintenance. Thru-axles will make working on the Stromer offerings much easier (and likely cheaper.

Most impressively was the ride of the Stromer bikes. As mentioned, they were pedal-assist only so you always felt like you were part of the process. Most E-bikes have an audible whir when the motor kicks in. Not the Stromer. These were dead silent. The motor also was almost imperceptible in how much it helped you as you pedaled. Instead, you just felt stronger on the bike. Each turn of the crank seemed to send you a little farther and faster than you would expect on a regular bike. The Stromer bikes were at a completely different level (performance and price) than the rest of the E-bikes.

Take Away

If the Electrify Expo 2024 sounds like it is something you’d like to attend, it may be coming to a location near you! Remember, the tickets are only $20 a day (family packs of 4 tickets are less). Check out the Electrify Expo page for specifics and tickets but the remaining dates (as of this writing) are:

  • May 4-5 – Phoenix AZ – State Farm Stadium
  • May 31-June 2 – Long Beach CA – Long Beach Convention Center
  • July 13-14 – Denver CO – The Yards
  • August 24-25 – San Francisco CA – Alameda Point
  • Sept 14-15 – Seattle WA – Marymoor Park
  • Oct 12-13 – New York NY – Citi Field
  • Nov 9-10 – Austin TX – Circuit of the Americas

For more information and tickets, check out

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