KEF R50 Dolby Atmos speaker top Surrounds

KEF R50 Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers

KEF R50 Dolby Atmos speakerKEF joined the ranks of manufacturers looking to bring their speakers in line with the newest Dolby Atmos-enabled systems on the market. The new KEF R50 Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers sit right on top of your bookshelf or floorstanding KEF speakers. KEF utilized psychoacoustic principles to literally “beam” sound upwards, allowing it to be reflected by the ceiling and replicate the vertical dimension required in recreating Dolby Atmos soundtracks. The new KEF R50 integrates perfectly with their R Series, Q Series and Reference series speakers—from the aesthetics to the frequency response. The R50 uses a closed-box design and, like most KEF speakers, is built around the Uni-Q array (insert requisite KEF Blade plug that always accompanies this statement). The R50 speakers use a 1″ tweeter that is cleverly positioned concentrically at the center of a 5-1/4″ bass/mid driver. These utilize KEF’s “tangerine” waveguide to optimize the dispersion characteristics of the emitted audio. Overall, the KEF R50 Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers are designed with excellent dynamics, and the 2500Hz crossover is well positioned to allow them a fast, clean midrange frequency response.

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KEF R50 Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers

Since the KEF R50 speakers are designed to sit directly above KEF’s freestanding or wall-mounted home theatre satellite speakers, the small speaker footprint means that no more space is required to achieve Dolby Atmos surround. The new KEF R50 speakers add the vertical sound dimension that contributes to the realistic 3D point-source and enveloping sound image that Dolby Atmos creates. Since it’s designed around KEF’s “sit anywhere” Uni-Q driver array, the speaker is able to serve as an environmental surround speaker that also does double duty for accurate sound effect positioning.

KEF R50 Dolby Atmos speakers

KEF R50 Specifications

DesignClosed box
Drive unitsUni-Q driver array:
HF: 25mm (1in.) vented aluminum dome
LF/MF: 130mm (5.25in.) aluminum
Frequency range (-6dB)96Hz – 19.5kHz
Frequency response (±3dB)105Hz – 18.5kHz
Crossover frequency2.5kHz
Amplifier requirements25 – 100 W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)85dB
Harmonic distortion
2nd & 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m)
<0.4% 200Hz-20kHz
Maximum output106dB
Nominal impedance8Ω (min. 4.8Ω)
Weight4.5kg (9.9lbs.)
Dimension (H x W x D)
(with grille and terminal)
174 x 180 x 259 mm
(6.9 x 7.1 x 10.2 in.)

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