Om One Bluetooth levitating speaker Portable

Levitating Bluetooth Speaker by OM Audio

Wanna see a levitating Bluetooth speaker? OM Audio (pronounced Ohm-Audio), who makes the wireless Bluetooth Mantra speakers and the Innearpeace earphones, announced the OM/ONE levitating Bluetooth speaker. The speaker looks like a small thermal detonator (for my Star Wars friends) floating atop a small disc-shaped base. The OM/ONE isn’t just a nifty invention, nor is it a couple of opposing magnets slapped onto a speaker. Rather, Om Audio placed the same care it attends to the rest of its audio products and has produced a new speaker that sounds as good as it looks. The OM/ONE levitating Bluetooth speaker connects wirelessly to virtually any smartphone, tablet or computer. When you remove the speaker’s platform from charging or docking, the hovering orb is a portable speaker that you can take with you anywhere.

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OM Audio even included a built-in microphone so that you can use the OM/ONE as a speaker phone or about the coolest-looking conference room phone we’ve ever seen. Imagine this floating sphere sitting in the middle of your grand conference table!

Om One levitating speaker Prototype

“In a world full of speakers that look and sound the same, the OM/ONE stands out from all the rest. Prior to our crowd-funding campaign we traveled Silicon Valley getting feedback from some prominent entrepreneurs and musicians and we’ve been very humbled by the praise we’ve received. We’re looking forward to getting these in the hands of consumers this holiday season.”

David DeVillez, Founder and CEO at OM Audio

Om Audio has some real talent involved in the development of the OM/ONE, including  creator and audio engineer DeVillez who was the former Director of Operations, R&D and Engineering at Velodyne Acoustics (a company that used to be all about subwoofers, but which recently is more known for its stylish headphones and earphones.)

While the OM/ONE can be used as a standalone speaker, it can also be paired with another to produce a true stereo image. A single buttons serves quadruple duty and can power on/off, pair/unpair, answer, and end calls.

Key Features

  • World-class audio fidelity
  • Pair two OM/ONEs for true stereo sound
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Conference calling with built-in Type 1 Microphone
  • Orb is portable for music on the go
  • On/Off Touch Sensor
  • Up to 15 hours of continuous play
  • Charging cable & stand

The OM Audio OM/ONE levitating Bluetooth speaker will sell for $179 and should be available by the holidays at OM Audio’s website.

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