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Marantz Trade-In Program – Get Up To 20% Off Select Products Until November 10th

Marantz has announced their 70 Days for 70 Years Trade-In program to celebrate their 70th anniversary. Let’s walk through what this means for you.

Your Immediate Questions

You probably have many of the same questions we did when we heard of Marantz’s trade-in program. Let’s get those out of the way.

  1. You can trade in ANY brand, not just Marantz
  2. Amps and AV receivers can be traded in for sure, maybe turntables and others
  3. Condition doesn’t matter though it surely affects the trade-in value
  4. Maximum trade-in value is 20% of purchase price

How It Works

You can bring your used AV gear into a participating Marantz dealer. Participating dealers can be found by using the “find a retailer” function on the Marantz website. You want to look for a location with the “trade-in” symbol. It looks like a hand with a couple of arrows above it:

Marantz specifically mentions amps and AV receivers as eligible for trade-in via this program on their website. The press release we received said this:

Whether it’s a preloved amplifier, an old receiver, or a well-worn turntable, any used equipment is eligible for trade.  

If you are thinking of trading in anything other than an amp or receiver, we’d suggest calling ahead first.

Lastly, the dealer will “assess” the trade-in value and award you up to 20% of the purchase price of a new Marantz product.

Eligible Products  

  • CINEMA 40 
  • CINEMA 50 
  • CINEMA 60 
  • CINEMA 70s 
  • Model 40N 
  • Model 30 
  • AV10 
  • AMP10 
  • TT15 
  • SACD 30CN 
  • SA-10 
  • PM10 
  • AV8805A 
  • AV7706 
  • MM8077 

Wrap Up

If you are thinking of picking up a Marantz product on the above list, it behooves you to at least explore how much value you can get from taking advantage of their trade-in program. They say that condition doesn’t matter which indicates that the old gear doesn’t necessarily have to work. Even if you don’t have old gear lying around, you can probably pick something up online for a couple of dollars that could save you a considerable amount on your shiny new Marantz product.

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