My Bass is Great…Except with One Movie – Why?

You’ve overall been very happy with your system. Overall, the sound improvement from what you had before has been significant. But you’ve run into a problem. With one particular movie, your system sounds…weird. It’s the bass. It’s wrong. You’ve checked with other movies, TV shows, apps, and discs. It just seems to be this one movie. What’s the deal? Why would your bass be great with all but this one movie? Let’s discuss!

The Easy (and Probably Wrong) Answer

It is not beyond the realm of possibility that the one movie you’re having bass issues with is just a bad mix. There are discs out there that were just mastered poorly. Thor: Ragnarok is a great example. The UltraHD Blu-ray has almost no bass. Usually, with such poor mastering, you won’t be the only one complaining about it. You should be able to go online and discover others having the same issue.

But this is unlikely to be the correct answer. You’ll know if you find that people are not only NOT having the same experience as you but are raving about the bass. This suggests that the problem isn’t the movie and its bass, but something with your system.

The Call is Coming from Inside the House

Most of the time what is really going on is that this one particular movie is highlighting a problem with your system. Something is missing or amiss in your system. If you expected more bass than you are getting, it means you are sitting in a null. If you are experiencing way too much bass, you are sitting in a peak. Either way, the problem isn’t the movie, it is how the bass waves are interacting with your room.

Take Away

No one likes to get bad news. Finding out that your system isn’t recreating bass as well as you thought isn’t exactly wonderful news. Look at it this way. Now that you know you can do something about it. If there is a silver lining, that’s it.

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