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OmniMount CI120T Tilt TV Wall Mount Bracket

Finding the right TV wall mount seems easy, but when you factor in the size of the TV, clearance requirements, and the necessary capabilities (tilt, extension, etc) the options can begin to get overwhelming. We’re fans of the OmniMount CI120T Tilt TV wall mount because it’s a pro-grade mount that offers a lot for the money. This is a newer product than the OmniMount OC150T slim mount, and it fits most 37-75″ TVs up to 120 lbs. This is a UL listed tilting mount for basic TV installations that offers tilt functionality to reduce glare as well as a built-in level. We’re big fans of integrated levels as they are an included feature that really saves time when setting up mounts. The mount can also span either 16-inch or 24-inch studs as necessary.

OmniMount CI120T Tilt TV Wall Mount Features & Installation

The OmniMount CI120T Tilt TV wall mount is perfect for when you’re placing a TV in an elevated position or even when you need to divert the glare from an opposing window. It’s not as functional as a MantelMount fireplace TV mount when needing to actually drop a TV, but it’s also 1/3rd the cost and much easier to install. If you need something more robust or which handles even larger televisions, check out the OmniMount OE150FM full motion TV mount.

omnimount CI120T tilt TV wall mount bracketThe OmniMount CI120T (the “T” stands for Tilt) has a nice low profile design but provides a full frame for securely mounting your TV to a wall. The vertical rails give you a secure top and bottom lock-in fit to the wall plate, so installation is as simple as attaching the rails and lifting the TV in place. Because the OmniMount CI120T Tilt TV wall mount uses an open frame design, it is possible to locate some things within the frame. In all likeliness, however, you’re going to get much better results from utilizing recessed boxes above the wall plate as that will give you additional clearance when the TV is tilted downward (which will likely be most of the time). Locating cords and power in the middle of a mount competes with the vertical rails, and it also tends to get a bit crowded once the television is set in place.

OmniMount CI120T Specs

  • TV sizes supported: 37-75 in. flat panel
  • Max weight support: 120 lbs (54 kg)
  • Tilt: 0 to 15°
  • Mounting profile: 1.6 in. (40 mm)
  • Universal & VESA compliant: 200×200 to 600×400
  • Mounting: Double-stud (16″ or 24″) or solid wall
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Color: Black

The mount is very flexible, and works with just about any flat panel LCD/LED television with either VESA or non-VESA mounting points. Since the rails slide in either direction, you should be able to find a way to connect it to any flat panel TV—be it older or newer.

omnimount CI120T wall

There is a curve in that wall which required a 15 degree (or more) tilt mount solution. The OmniMount CI120T had one of the more generous amounts of tilt in any of the mounts we looked at.

We installed this mount in a church that is co-located at Parker Street Ministries as a stage display for the worship team to use. It was set up to display the song lyrics at the back of the room—all but eliminating the need for music stands. The challenge was getting the OmniMount CI120T Tilt TV wall mount to sit onto the curved rear wall which required some offsets in order to get everything to work as expected.

omnimount CI120T tilt TV wall mount installation

We used a Southwire bi-metal hole saw kit to drill the access hole through the non-load-bearing interior wall for our cables.

We drilled our access hole above the OmniMount CI120T mount and ran our HDMI and power cables through to the other side where 120V outlets and our AV switcher were standing by. You can dress up the access hole by using any number of third party low voltage wall plates or covers. The mounting process was very logical, and we used construction screws to secure the mount into the 16-inch on-center wood studs present in the wall cavity. After that, it was a simple matter of adding some spacers to allow the clearance and additional tilt requirement for the TV (which exceeded the maximum 15 degrees for the mount):

Omnimount CI120T behind TV

These spacers allowed us to achieve a 25 degree angle on the mount which was required to compensate for the angled wall and the desired tilt for the on-stage worship team.

The OmniMount CI120T tilt mount has a natural piece of metal atop the ends of the wall plate, so that there’s no danger of the left or right rails sliding too far in any direction so as to fall off the plate. I like that feature, and it’s one not present in every tilt mount I’ve installed.


The OmniMount CI120T Tilt TV wall mount is a great solution. Priced around $80, this mount is a great solution for anyone looking for a tilt mount that will fit screens from 37-75 inches in size. Audiogurus has the similar OC150T mount in stock:

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