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OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM Full Motion TV Mount Review

The process of mounting your own television can be a daunting one, especially with a fully articulating mount where a 70-inch TV is destined to hang with precision placement. That said, when it came time for me to mount a television into the very center of a brand new television news set, I knew it needed to be done right the first time. I didn’t want to take chances with anything but the best—enter the OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM Full Motion TV mount.

For the past few years, I’ve served as the television production teacher at a local high school. Our Ignition TV production studio creates daily news shows, music videos, and films…in fact, pretty much a little bit of everything. It gives the students experience in every area of production to some extent. OmniMount has helped me out immensely with their Ergotron WorkFit-D Sit-Stand Desk (Omnimount is the consumer-focused subsidiary of Ergotron), a beautifully designed, very functional desk that effortlessly lifts from sitting level to standing height, and has notches in between for almost any elevation you desire. It’s fantastic, and I’ve got two of them in our seven-room complex.

Ever since getting my hands on one OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM Full Motion TV mount (and seeing countless more during visits to their booth during the CEDIA Expo), I’ve been a fan, and I’ve used their TV mounts to hang a few sets up at home. My family was very impressed considering they’ve never seen me complete any project that didn’t come with IKEA instructions. Fortunately for me, every mount was easy to put up thanks to OmniMount’s first-class approach—not only to design and durability, but also to helping customers easily install their products.

OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM Full Motion TV Mount Features

So, back to my TV classroom/studio. For this particular installation, I needed a full motion mount that I could place in the center of a news set background. What was most important was that it have the ability to be tilted away from the direction of the lights so that I could deflect glare away from the camera. I also want the ability to pull it out from the grid that would eventually surround it in order to change out sources, cables, etc. Oh, and when it wasn’t pulled out and tilted and everything else, I wanted it to be as flat against the wall as possible. Did I neglect to mention that the TV mounted to it would be 70-inches and heavy? Altogether, I needed a pretty fantastic mount.

OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM Full Motion TV Mount

I selected the OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM Full Motion TV mount which promised to do everything I needed while looking great in the process. It supports TVs from 47–80 inches and up to 150 lbs! It’s the largest weight-bearing option they make, but I found the installation almost as painless as their much smaller offerings (like when I mounted a 32-inch TV in our family’s guest bedroom).

Installing the OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM TV Mount

Upon unboxing, I was immediately greeted with my favorite part of their products: The DIY guide. Instructions are usually a given, I know, but some instructions are better than others. Going back to that IKEA stuff I mentioned earlier—have you ever just wondered what it would have cost to have them print actual words in those manuals? Suffice it to say, installing this mount for a 70-inch TV was easier…much easier!

OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM template

OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM packingThe Omnimount OE150FM mount comes with a guide that made installing it a cinch. Step by step instructions guided me to mark the stud edges, find the center point, and then attach their guide to the wall in the place where the mount would soon be. And they’re ready for this too—the guide has adhesive tape on the back ready to peel off and use to stick to the wall. It also has holes to drill through to make sure that you’re aligned correctly to match the mount. Everything you need to know about how to install the mount is listed on the guide or in the included instructions.

Before installing the OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM Full Motion TV mount, I detached the universal adapter for the TV and used the included screws (various sizes come with the mount—once again, it really was fool proof, I love it!) to attach it to the television. The adapter also adjusts to fit TVs with greater or less than the standard VESA 400×400, helping make this mount applicable for a wide variety of sets.

OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM brackets

Once the adapter was attached, I turned my attention to mounting the wall plate/arms. This step was simple enough. You just screw the lag bolts into the studs through the pilot holes already created using the guide (wood anchors are also provided for mounting into solid wood). I have no idea how I did this particular step without help, but it was pretty impressive (or dumb—really you should do this part with help if you can).

OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM mount

The next part I did have to have help on: Hanging the TV. The actual connection from the universal adapter to the wall plate was simple and secure, I just couldn’t lift the TV and see the back at the same time. Fortunately, a friendly passerby was able to help me lift the TV, and we guided it into place. The adapter snaps down into the wall plate with a click, and then a locking knob behind the TV secures everything in place. Also, a tension knob is located right behind the TV on the arm assembly to help keep the screen tilted and positioned just how you need it. This was the easiest step to the entire process (besides opening the box).

OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM cable routing

Once that step was completed, I attached the covers back to all parts of the mount—another wonderful feature. Even though you may never actually see the mount in all its glory once it’s stationed snugly behind your ginormous TV, OmniMount still includes covers to hide almost every unglamorous part of the mount. These covers also help guide wires from the TV to the wall without leaving them hanging or in plain view to anyone who happens to look behind the set. This is great considering the fact that this mount can extend quite a distance from the wall, and the last thing you want are all the wires dangling around and coming undone every time you reposition your screen.

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OmniMount OE150FM Kathleen setThe OmniMount Elite Series OE150FM Full Motion TV Mount is defined on their site as graceful, yet powerful…and it’s exactly that. It fit the needs of our set perfectly and did everything it promised to. It’s very easy to install (especially considering my experience level and the size of the TV), easy to position (one-finger moves it around), stays in place, and even reduces screen glare by tilting slightly downward—just like I wanted. It retails for somewhere around $280. For this price, given its features and ease of use and installation, I wouldn’t bat an eye at buying it if you’re looking to get your huge TV off its stand and placed elegantly onto a wall. It will give you a secure mount with the freedom to position it for multiple viewing targets. Of course, if you’re building a news set for a high school TV class, I’d recommend it for that, too!

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