Omnimount OE120IW InWall extended TV Mounts

OmniMount OE120IW Recessed In-wall TV Mount

The first thing that came to mind when I saw the OmniMount OE120IW recessed TV mount was “Finally, somebody gets it.” Flat panel TVs have been getting thinner for a while now, and there is certainly no lack of flush-to-the-wall mounting solutions. The problem is, almost none of these solutions takes into account the fact that most of your televisions need some space for cabling and to account for the protrusion of a power cable coming off the wall. Even recessed wall plates don’t quite cut the mustard—not entirely.

OmniMount’s OE120IW is a combination of technologies. First, it’s an in-wall steel box that has an articulating mechanism built in to allow your TV to extend from the wall and pivot left and right. But it does more that that. It comes with two knockouts for power and low voltage wiring. It also has a removable bezel that goes over the in-wall bracket—allowing you to easily retrofit this product into any home, secure it within a 16-inch stud cavity, and cover up any potential misalignments or miss-cuts with the wide, paintable plastic bezel. OmniMount says you can be nearly a full inch off in all directions with your cut and still cover it up nicely for a finished look.

This is one of the first flush-mount solutions I’ve seen that adequately address both power and low voltage wiring needs, and does so in a convenient and easy-to-implement manner. The mount itself comes out of the box fully assembles, save for the VESA plate that extends anywhere from 200×200 to 600×400.

Omnimount OE120IW living room

OmniMount OE120IW Recessed TV Mount Installation

Installing the OmniMount OE120IW can’t be simpler. You just cut out the wall box hole, install the wall box, attach the TV plate to the TV and hang the television in place. If you need to wire up the TV to power, you can do so directly, or use the optional power accessory kit ($99) that lets you run a jumper line down to outlet level where you can jump power from a standard outlet. This makes all of the electrical connections possibly without having to turn off the power or even hire an electrician.

Omnimount OE120IW InWall flush

“The OE120IW joins our OmniElite series of products, a line that’s known by the industry for high quality. The performance of the in-wall mount is superior to competitive products and is quite possibly the most elegant mount OmniMount has ever designed.”

Brandon Stangl, product manager for OmnmiMount

The OE120IW holds 120 pounds and can handle TVs in size from 42″ to 80″. When properly mounted, your TV will sit just 0.5″ off the wall—and this is only because of the lag bolts required to secure the mechanism to the studs from the front side. When completed, you get nearly 11″ of extension with a full 10 degrees of tilt in either direction. Cable management is excellent and both HDMI as well as audio and power considerations are taken into account from the source all the way to the television. Post installation leveling is also possible, with +/-3 degrees to make up for older homes that may have uneven wall or floors.

The OE120IW and power accessory kit will both be on the market in the 4th quarter. MSRP for the OE120IW mount is $349.95, and the power accessory kit will retail for $99.95. You can also read our hands-on OmniMount OE120IW Review.

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