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RBH EP-SB Earphones

I love new earphones. RBH Sound showed of the smallest, lightest Bluetooth earphones I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t figure out where they were keeping the battery! The new RBH EP-SB earphones were shown to me at the 2014 CEDIA Expo this year, but they were publicly introduced at CanJam 2014. These new EP-SB Bluetooth in-ear headphones really round out the company’s in-ear headphone lineup nicely. RBH Sound now has a product in the EP-SB that gives you high fidelity wireless listening in a ridiculously lightweight package.

RBH Sound EPSB in-ear headphones

RBH Sound EPSB inlineThe RBH EP-SB wireless in-ear headphones do it right, offering Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX technology. You get compatibility with all smartphones, computers, tablets—anything that can connect to a Bluetooth-enabled device. RBH Sound even incorporated NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology into the EP-SB earphones, making the Bluetooth pairing process mindlessly simple. The RBH Sound EP-SB Wireless Earphones have in-line controls with an integrated microphone, and the cable is flat, offering a tangle-free experience. The controls let you skip songs, tracks, or chapters, as well as make and receive phone calls. When you’re on the go you can also adjust the volume of the earphones without having to reach for your phone. Like many new electronics these days, the EP-SB earphones also incorporate a “nano coating” that gives you water-repelling technology over the critical electronics. As I mentioned, the high-capacity battery is nearly invisible, yet it delivers a full 5-6 hours of run-time for listening to music. RBH Sound touts the EP-SB as being the smallest and lightest Bluetooth wireless headphones on the market. As far as I can tell—this statement is true.


“We at RBH Sound are very excited to introduce the EPSB here at CanJam 2014. Our designers and engineers have invested countless hours developing, fine-tuning and perfecting the EPSB in an effort to outshine and outperform the competition. The EP-SB’s stellar acoustic performance is on par with in-ear, on-ear and over-the-ear headphones costing much more. Its performance, combined with its freedom from wires, makes the EP-SB a must-have for anyone who wants audiophile-grade sound on the go.”

Daren Egan, director of sales and marketing for RBH Sound

RBH Sound includes a set of large S-500 Comply foam tips pre-installed on the EP-SBs for sport-regulated noise isolation. Included with the EPSB are five additional pairs of ear tips: one set each of medium S-500 and T-500 Comply tips and small, medium and large silicone tips. Also included are cord-management clips and a protective zipper case to store the unused ear tips and headphones in when they’re not being used.

The EP-SB includes a 2-year warranty and is priced at $179 per set including free shipping within the continental United States. They’re slated to begin shipping in late November.

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