Should You Buy a Floor Model TV?

It’s hard to pass up a good deal. Even if you know there might be a problem with the product, if the price is low enough, it almost seems worth the risk. Heck, Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist (and other similar websites) almost seem to run purely on this belief. Occasionally, you may find a great deal on a TV. If you are lucky, it is a return or open box model that may be just missing the remote. The “scariest” deal on a TV is probably the floor model sale. TVs that have been on the showroom floor have the lowest prices but come with the greatest risks. Should you buy a floor model TV? Let’s discuss!

Generally Speaking – No

Listen, we know that the price is too good to be true. We get it. But floor model TVs are often a terrible buy. These are the most abused of all TVs. They’ve been left running for days, weeks, or months on end. Many times they exhibit problems that you would have a hard time recreating at home. We have basically said that burn-in is a non-issue with modern TVs. The exception is the floor model. Often left in “torch mode,” floor model TVs often run the same graphics over and over on a loop for days (if not months). I’ve seen image retention on TVs that I didn’t think COULD be damaged in this way. Buying a floor model TV is a risky proposition at best. If it were me, I’d look elsewhere.

Not that kind of burn-in

But the Price is So Good!

But that price, though! Floor model TVs will often be at such dramatically discounted prices that the temptation is very great. Surely you could get lucky? Maybe the floor model you buy won’t be that bad?

The only way we’d consider buying a floor model TV is if the store offered a return policy. Most floor model TVs are sold “as is” with no returns available. Even if they do offer returns, it will often come with restocking fees, extra charges, and store credit. This means that you’ll end up with less money and usually with store credit rather than money to spend elsewhere. If you are really determined to buy the floor model TV, you’ll need to make sure that you are willing to buy another TV in the store (or spend the money on something else).

So, basically, skip the floor model TVs. They aren’t worth the risk.

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