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  1. Steven Gardner Avatar

    Thoroughly enjoyed and empathized with both the Simplifying and How to fix articles. Feature creep has been going since the 70’s and today’s equipment is such a hassle its just not worth it. I have a Pio SC-63 and have no earthly idea how to run it. I know it can run everything I would like it to , I just dont know how. Its dumb, zero intuition. The manual might as well be in Portuguese for all the info I have gotten out of it. In order to activate the B side speakers one has to know to push a button on the remote and then push 7 on the keypad. You serious Clark??? You’re correct when you wrote that if the mfg’s were to make a receiver as simple as the iphone it would jump start sales. I’d buy. Just venting here! All I ever really wanted it to do is play music, dvd, and stream using Sonos. Oh, and power my patio speakers which should be easy to do with 7 amplifiers but as of 3 years later, I never have figured that one out because, honestly, nothing should be that difficult. And after reading your articles, you believe that also. Thanks for listening. Steve

  2. Rob Avatar

    I think the market would reward a simplified 4.1 or 5.1 receiver. Now that sound bars are popular, I wonder if any of the manufacturers will deliver on it

    • I don’t see any reason why removing channels from receiver offerings would be warranted. People still buy one receiver over the other because of a handful of watts. Selling 7.1 over 5 or 4.1 receivers makes sense. No, some people won’t use the extra channels, but they’ll buy the receiver because it has a higher number on it. Sad fact I’m afraid.

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