SVS 3000 In-Wall Subwoofer

SVS has been an Internet darling in the subwoofer (and more recently speaker) world. They’ve been making quality speakers and subwoofers at very competitive prices for years. One thing SVS hasn’t done is release any sort of in-wall speaker or subwoofer model. Until now. This year at CEDIA, we got a glimpse of their new 3000 series in-wall subwoofer. There isn’t a lot of information out there right now, but we’ll share what we know. Check back here for more information as we will update this article as it becomes available.

Author’s Note: We are reporting what we have heard from CEDIA and what we can decern from the few details that have been released. These details are subject to change as SVS releases more information about this exciting in-wall subwoofer.

SVS 3000 In-Wall Subwoofer Overview

At this point, we only have a few details to report. It is a dual driver design with a cabinet that is thinner and wider so that it can fit in a wall bay. The dual drivers in this in-wall offering appear to be different than the SVS 3000 Micro (even though they share the same name). It is not uncommon for SVS to design new drivers for their subs based on how they will be used. To save space, SVS has removed the amplifier from the box. The now external amplifier can be used to power up to two of these 3000 series in-wall subwoofers from SVS.

The SVS 3000 series in-wall subwoofer appears to come with a paintable grille that may bulge a bit out from the wall. With the high-excursion drivers that SVS normally employs to get the most out of their subwoofers, we wouldn’t be surprised.

SVS 3000 In-Wall Subwoofer Price

We would love to give you pricing on the SVS 3000 series in-wall subwoofer, but it hasn’t been released. CEDIA gave them an award for architectural speakers under $2000 but that isn’t very informative. The fact that this in-wall offering is based on SVS’s 3000 Micro subwoofer should give us an idea. The 3000 Micro costs $799. With the lower production runs and external amplifier, we are expecting this to cost a bit more. Our guess? $999. We will update this article as more information becomes available.

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