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Triad SlimSub Subwoofers for In-Room and On-Wall Installation

Triad Speakers added two new Bronze SlimSubs to its line-up, including a slim in-room subwoofer (InRoom Bronze SlimSub) and an on-wall subwoofer (OnWall Bronze SlimSub). The new subs are actually built upon the InWall Bronze 4/SlimSub platform and each features a 10-inch long-throw aluminum woofer. Power is supplied by a separate RackAmp 350 DSP amplifier. Regardless of which model you choose, the power and performance are nearly identical. The Triad SlimSub subwoofers were developed, quite literally, to function the same, regardless of application (or what kind of room they were installed in for that matter).

The Triad InRoom Bronze SlimSub takes up almost no floor space and can stand upright or lay down flat (perhaps underneath a sofa). At just 4.3-inches in depth, it requires just 5.1-inches of height clearance to function as a down-firing subwoofer. Hide it underneath some furniture and you’re ready to go.

Triad Speakers are particularly nice in that they are custom-made in the USA. These two new models add to the existing Bronze 4/SlimSub so now there are three to choose from in the series. When paired with Triad’s 350-watt outboard amplifier (the RackAmp 350 DSP) the MSRP is just $1,500 (including the rack-mountable amplifier).

Triad SlimSub Subwoofers – OnWall Goodness!

The OnWall Bronze SlimSub is particularly interesting since it measures just 4.4-inches from the wall. You can even order it in custom colors and it seems like a really good solution for those looking to have their speakers match the aesthetics of a wall-mounted flat panel television. Triad’s EZ Mount Brackets allow the subwoofer to mount to an interior wall quickly and easily.

The 10″ aluminum drivers on the Triad SlimSubs deliver bass down to 28 Hz (-3dB SPL) and output at 108 dB from 40-80 Hz. That is a ton of volume for such a small enclosure. Since you can pair these together in a room easily (and may actually prefer that for balanced aesthetics), you can actually achieve a considerable amount of bass in a relatively unobtrusive form factor.

Each of the new Triad SlimSub subwoofers carries a 10-year limited warranty on the enclosure and driver. The new Triad SlimSubs are shipping now. For more information visit the website.

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