Yamaha NX-50 Powered Speakers Computer speakers

Yamaha NX-B55 Bluetooth Speakers

Similar to the Yamaha NX-50 computer speakers, the Yamaha NX-B55 Bluetooth speakers add wireless Bluetooth functionality to an already impressive package. These beautiful speakers feature a laid back, sophisticated cabinet with a front-port that delivers deeper bass (down to an impressive 55Hz according to Yamaha). This low frequency response couples with a ton of output to deliver sound that is more in line with a sophisticated pair of bookshelf speakers than a pair of powered Bluetooth computer speakers. The “tilt back” design makes good use of the short-throw imaging designed into the NX-B55 speakers so that they image well given the narrower distance between the drivers and closer proximity to the listener. The speakers should look great with any desktop computer system, but Yamaha made them with smaller living rooms or dorms in mind, claiming they’ll look just as good with a new flat panel TV. Based on the design of the enclosures, we can’t disagree.

Yamaha NX-B55 Bluetooth speakers

Dual 3.5mm inputs let you connect two audio sources at the same time, and the speakers’ “auto-mix” feature will pick whichever one is active. A front dial controls volume, and inserting headphones into the front jack will disable the speaker output (as it should). Yamaha also gave these speakers a nice auto standby mode so you don’t need to turn the system on and off—just connect and start playing or streaming audio as needed. The NX-B55 speakers support Bluetooth Ver. 2.1 + EDR / A2DP (no Apt-X).

Physically, the Yamaha NX-B55 Bluetooth speakers look sophisticated, with an angular tilt that lays the speaker back, placing it at an optimal angle for imaging with your ears if you’re sitting at a desk. With beautiful metal grilles, these speakers, while designed for a computer, also look great next to a modern flat panel display.

Yamaha NX-50 Powered Speakers

The Yamaha NX-B55 powered speakers feature an automatic loudness control that matches the bass to the volume level (it boosts bass during lower volume levels and balances it when the volume goes up).

Yamaha NX-50 Powered Computer Speakers

Yamaha NX-B55 Bluetooth Speakers Specifications

  • Inputs: Stereo 3.5mm mini jack x 2
  • Outputs: Headphone jack, Stereo 3.5mm mini jack
  • Output power: 7 W x 2 (6 ohms, 1 kHz, 10% THD)
  • Drivers: 2-3/4” full-range cone
  • Bluetooth: Ver 2.1 + EDR / A2DP
  • Frequency response: 55 Hz—20 kHz
  • Power consumption: 13 W (0.5 W standby)
  • Includes: AC adaptor (DC12V/1.5A), stereo mini audio cable (2.0 m)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 3-1/4” x 7-1/4” x 7-1/4”
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs.

The Yamaha NX-B55 Bluetooth speakers are available now for $219.95/pair.

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