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2-Channel In A Surround World – Marantz STEREO 70s

Sometimes the old way is the best way with 2-channel in a surround world. Marantz has announced the STEREO 70s! Who’da thunk it? Marketed as a “premier home theater and experience in a slim, elegant design,” it might be what you need for your minimalist setup. Priced at $1000 and packed full of surprises, the Marantz STEREO 70s might be on your next “must-have” list. Let’s discuss.

Under The Hood

Although the Marantz STEREO 70s is a slim design, it packs a lot into that 4.1” high frame. Let’s start with six HDMI inputs (three 8K60/4K120). With those inputs, you get HDMI 2.1 and all the goodies like HDMI ARC, VRR, and ALLM. This means you will be gaming with your next-gen console at 4k120 in no time!

Powered by Marantz’s Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAM), this little beast puts out 75WPC and has two full sets of speaker outputs, pre-amp outs, and dual subwoofer pre-outs. Oh, and did I mention it was only a grand?

Add in HEOS connectivity, all the music services (Tidal, Roon, Spotify, Amazon Music HD, etc.), and knobs for tone, bass, and balance? Yes, please. And the Marantz STEREO 70s comes in silver! Talk about bringing back some classic ‘70s and ‘80s vibes.

Our Take

In a world of surround sound, Marantz is taking a chance on a 2.1 stereo AV receiver. But I am for this. Yes, I know I have blasted Marantz in the past for being overpriced. But for someone who wants a slim design, HDMI 2.1, reasonable power, and modern features for their stereo setup, $1000 is not bad in this world of overpriced “audiophile” gear.

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