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2014 CEDIA Show Coverage New Products – Day 2

Day 2 of our 2014 CEDIA Show Coverage began with a bang as we not only finished our floor coverage of new products, we also hit the demo rooms. The high performance audio rooms present a unique and satisfying way to listen to some of the newest technology solutions in an environment where the equipment can really shine.

OmniMount OE120IW Mount and More

The morning of the 2014 CEDIA Show started with us picking up with OmniMount and their new OE120IW flush mount in-wall articulating television mount. This was one of the most well thought out mounts I’ve seen in a while, and I loved the flexibility of the installation process as well as the fact that your TV could be positioned a scant 0.5″ off the wall—all while presenting logical places for your power and low voltage wiring.

Of course, OmniMount also had a unique shelf that could be mounted to the wall for a soundbar and/or other device like a Blu-ray player.  The shelf literally seems to cantilever out from the wall, and provides ample room and area for wiring pass-throughs as well as room for a network streaming device or other source component. The shelf is also wider than most we’ve seen, matching a TV of up to 55-inches in width quite well.

Steinway & Sons Dolby Atmos Demo

The first demo room we went to, besides the one at the Dolby booth, was the  Steinway & Sons high performance audio room. In it, we heard the new P200 surround processor, which is capable of driving and/or controlling 256 amplifiers. The room was horrendous—a real testimony to the Room Perfect EQ system used to set up the room as well as the time alignment for the speakers.

Sonus Faber Lilium Speakers

The $70,000/pair of Lilium speakers from Sonus Faber are not only visually impressive pieces of art in themselves, they pour out sound that makes you want to just listen to them for the rest of your life.

Sumiko Subwoofers

Three new active subwoofers from Sumiko provide three great new ways to enhance your music listening or home theater.  The three models range from the uber-small 6-5″ down-firing S.0 to the 8-inch down-firing S.5, to the 10-inch S.9 with front-oriented passive radiator.

Andrew Jones Speakers from Pioneer Elite

We got to interview the one and only Andrew Jones, chief speaker designer for Pioneer. He spoke with us about the copany’s newest Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers. We also got to hear these speakers in Pioneer’s demo room and they sounded fantastic. It’s really amazing how much sound quality and performance you can from these reasonably priced speakers. The SP-EBS73 bookshelf speakers in particular, at just $799/pair, were a particular value.

Sunfire XTEQ Active Subwoofers with EQ

The three new XTEQ subwoofers from Sunfire come with a microphone and the ability to automatically make some corrections to the bass response based on the room.

Marantz Receivers and Separates

Got to take a good close look at the Marantz AV8801 processor and MM8077 7-channel amplifier which are two very capable, well-engineered products that shoudl sell very well in the market.

Fun Finishes for a Great CEDIA 2014 Show

I found a few really fun products to close out the show. First up was “The Beast” which, as far as I could tell, could indeed rip, run, and manage an entire home theater. It truly was a Beast—if only for the way it eats up Blu-ray discs and transfers them to its massive hard drive storage.

You know a car is cool when you completely forget about the reaon its there or the company whose booth it is located in… (Harman Luxury Group, I believe).

Wrapping It All Up

Denver was a great place to host the 2014 CEDIA Show. Indeed, we’re hoping they continue to keep it in Denver as much as possible. The location is fun and there are lots of “nooks and crannies” of entertainment, food, and culture that we all love to experience when we’re here.

More info and show coverage is going to follow, as well as plenty of videos from the show floor. Be sure to check out our Day 1 Coverage of the 2014 CEDIA Expo if you haven’t already seen that, and stay tuned for more CEDIA news and editorial over the next several days.

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