Crestron TSR-302 remote control Remote Controls

Crestron TSR-302 Remote Control

The new Crestron TSR-302 remote is a slim, Star Trek-esque remote that is designed to be both stylish and tough. It features a 2.8″ capacitive touch screen and is capable of controlling lighting, motorized shades, climate control, and of course your entire home theater system. The Crestron TSR-302 remote features a “silky-matte” finish, is weighted well, and has backlit buttons that light up as soon as you pick up the remote.

TV viewing and navigation are simple, and the remote has a nice ergonomic layout with soft-touch keys that are easy to locate. More importantly, they are spaced and shaped uniquely enough to let you operate much of the remote by feel. I always prefer this over remotes where the number pad and input sections are homogenous and connected.

The new Crestron remote uses their Extended Range 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology, so you get nice connectivity with none of the hassles of IR. Further, Crestron’s Instant-Waking feature means that you’ll have instant control when you need it. There is a built-in microphone and even a speaker for use with RAVA intercom communication systems. You can also issue customized voice commands like “All Off” or “Movie Night” to initiate a custom Crestron-programmed macro. The remote also has a sophisticated screen that can work with the included Wi-Fi support to facilitate audio and video streaming from security cameras.

Crestron TSR-302 remote docked

Instead of traditional batteries, the TSR-302 uses an inductive charging dock and has no real memory effects, so you can dock it anytime and have the remote ready to go at a moment’s notice. Plus, since there aren’t any contact points for the charger, you don’t have to worry about aligning the remote when you dock it. The Crestron TSR-302 remote uses a replaceable Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery which can sustain hundreds of charging cycles.

This is Just the Beginning

The TSR-302 is just the first of a remote control refresh happening at Crestron this year. The HR-150 50-button remote is on its way, and the HR-100 34-button remote is also due to be made available shortly.

Crestron TSR-302 remote front

Get more info from Crestron here.

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