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DISH Adds Netflix Streaming Movies Service to Hopper DVRs

Something happened today that will actually change how I watch television. Fir the first time ever, Netflix is going to be directly integrated into a satellite set top box. DISH adds Netflix streaming movies by making the Netflix app available in all second-generation Hopper DVRs. The Netflix app lets customers stream any of their Netflix movies and TV shows directly to their screens via the Hopper. Why would DISH do this? Simple. Keeping customers in the DISH/Hopper ecosystem while letting them do what they’d do anyway (on a different set-top box) is  a brilliant move. Now, when you get done watching Netflix, DISHis right there to present more viewing options or streaming movies. You access your Netflix in the very same way you access any of DISH’s linear television channels.

Today marks the official rollout of the new Netflix app, so keep checking your Hopper to see when it updates with the new software. Another really cool feature that will be forthcoming is that it is likely that Netflix titles will eventually be integrated into DISH’s search functionality. That means you can search once for live, recorded, and Video On Demand programs (including Netflix) on the Hopper—a feature that will also integrate well with DISH’s forthcoming OTT (over-the-top) Internet-based programming service.

“Pairing Netflix with Hopper represents the consolidation of two incredible video experiences. This app integration eliminates the need to switch television inputs to access content on varying devices. It gives our customers easy access to their favorite shows and movies, on both DISH and Netflix, without ever having to leave their Hopper.”

Vivek Khemka, DISH senior VP of product management

To our knowledge, DISH is the very first major cable or satellite TV provider in the U.S. to add Netflix to a set-top box. Adding Netflix really bolsters DISH as a “one-stop-shop for all things entertainment. Tons of households already subscribe to Netflix in addition to DISH, so combining the two is a great way to add another level of convenience to consumers simply looking for movies and shows. DISH’s already- vast library of TV shows and movies combine with Netflix and their live channels to produce a veritable smorgasbord of programming.

The DISH Hopper provides the exact same Netflix user interface found on the latest set top platforms and hardware that features Netflix. You can access the Netflix app on the Hopper simply by pressing the blue button on the DISH remote, then navigating to the Netflix icon (too bad DISH already made use of the red button!) The Netflix icon is also visible on the Hopper main menu. If you don’t already have a Netflix account, the company is offering a free month of service to try it out. You can create an account in the app or by visiting

The Netflix app will download automatically today to all broadband-connected second-generation Hopper set-top boxes. In the next few months DISH is rolling out the Netflix app to Joey, Super Joey and Wireless Joey clients.

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    We have Dish and the Hopper 3. We also subscribe to Netflix, which in the beginning, a few years ago, it worked great. For the past year or so, when we connect to Netflix it loads about 25% and then buffers forever then goes to 93% and sometimes begins streaming at 100% and sometimes goes back to 25% and just buffers there. Sometimes when we do get into Netflix and start watching something, it stops and starts buffering at 25% and never gets any further. It has been extremely frustrating because Netflix blames Dish and Dish blames Netflix. We are just about ready to discontinue our Netflix subscription.

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