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Monoprice DT-3BT Powered Desktop Speakers – HEOS Killers!

Okay, sometimes you do not know you need something until you try it. Case in point: the Monoprice DT-3BT powered desktop speakers. These little beasts are compact, feature a ton of connectivity (hello Bluetooth), and sound great. Oh, and they are $89 bucks. Monorpice sent me a set a couple of months back, and having lived with them and used them extensively, I think it’s time to discuss!

The Looks

So let’s get this out there. These are pretty subdued-looking speakers. And honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. Monoprice has made a name for itself by offering value-driven products that punch well above their weight class. The Monoproce DT-3BTs (Desktop 3” Bluetooth) is a simple design, with a sleek black woofer and tweeter wrapped in a textured black enclosure.


The Monoprice DT-3BTs have a lot of connectivity for an $89 speaker. Starting with primary inputs and outputs on the left speaker, you get a 3.5mm aux input and output on the front. This setup is excellent for a powered desktop speaker, allowing you to quickly plug your phone into it for tunes or plug your headphones in for a gaming session or meeting. So, for example, I can’t tell you the number of times I have just needed to throw a set of headphones on for a private meeting and have had to fish for the connection.

The back of the Monoprice DT-3BTs has a lot going on. First off, there is a set of 1/4″ unbalanced TRS inputs. This would be great for the DJ or fledgling YouTuber that needs to hook up a mixer or preamp. I personally don’t have a use for them, but in any case, if you need a set, they are there. A pair of unbalanced RCAs allow you to plug these into various devices like a CD player or my Monolith turntable for instant playback. I have these connected to my turntable in the living room so we can spin vinyl in the living room!

And lastly, the Monoprice DT-3BTs are Bluetooth-enabled. Monoprice claims a 32′ connection distance, and they aren’t lying. I connected my phone to the speakers and ran out to my shed to grab something (over 40′ away), and they stayed connected the entire time! Of course, your mileage may vary. I can confidently run around my house with my phone in my pocket and not lose a connection to the desktop speakers. 


The Monoprice DT-BT3s have a 3″ polypropylene cone and a 3/4″ silk dome tweeter. Monoprice gives them a frequency response of 75Hz ~ 20kHz. Bass-monsters, these ain’t! But for music, they are amazing. I don’t need every speaker to dip down to infrasonic territory. 75hz is more than adequate for my needs in a small Bluetooth speaker. And remember, these are a couple of feet away from me.

Power for the DT-BT3s comes from class AB amplifiers. A pair of 15W amps for the woofers and 2x10W amps for the tweeters gives adequate power. I know that some might think the DT-BT3s are underpowered. But remember, these are on your desktop. These amps are absolutely OVERKILL at the intended distance for these little drivers. 

Setting Up The Monoprice DT-3BT Powered Desktop Speakers

The setup is easy. Install the power cord, connect the speakers (with the included wire from the right speaker to the left), flip the power switch, and turn the DT-3BTs on with the volume knob. Press the Bluetooth pair button and look for MP43240 in your Bluetooth devices, and that’s it! Connecting hardwired devices is just as simple. Find the appropriate cord, install on both ends, and it’s done!

You won’t need to buy anything extra!

I think that all devices like this shouldn’t need any complex instructions. In fact, I will have to double-check and see if Monoprice included instructions because I didn’t need them.

Performance Of The Monoprice DT-3BT Powered Desktop Speakers

So let’s get this out of the way, the Monoprice DT-3BTs offer incredible performance for their price point. On top of that, these blow away my Denon HEOS speaker by a HUGE margin. And they were 1/3 the price!

In near-field use, these things are flawless. You don’t need to run them super loud; they are very clear. I used them for YouTube, music, podcasts like AV Rant, and for Microsoft Teams meetings.

I also used them in a training session with staff where I had to play videos or other multimedia in a large-ish room. They were, in a word, fantastic. But honestly, the best part was the Bluetooth connection. I never knew this was such a quality-of-life improvement! Not having to drag an audio cord with me is amazing! Life changing!

So what about music in non-near-field use? Ok, so I came into the test with low expectations. But guess what? I was impressed. These are great speakers for background music at a party or while doing chores. They begin to break apart if you crank them to near max volume. The treble will become a tad shrill, and the bass starts to sound boomy. But this is to be expected from a set of speakers designed to be used within arm’s reach. But the bass became very controlled when I played with placement and pulled them away from the wall.

They sound so great that they have been moved to full-time living room duty!

Our Take

So I start to question myself as a reviewer when I can’t find a fault with a product. But at $89, you will be hard-pressed to find many faults. Monoprice is really setting itself as the no-nonsense audio brand where you get basic designs but an outstanding price-to-performance ratio.

If I had to find any fault with the Monoprice DT-3BTs, they would be just a bit boring looking. But for me, that’s fine! I much prefer function over form. For $89 bucks I don’t expect any fancy styling. The more I live with the DT-3BTs, the more I dig their understated look. They blend in seamlessly with any setup.

What you get with the Monorprice DT-BT3s is a lot of connection options, a dead-simple setup, and a rock-solid performance. As I said, they punch well above their weight class, and if you are looking for a solid set of desktop-powered monitors that won’t break the bank, these are the speakers you are looking for!

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