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RapidRun Optical Cables from C2G

We’ve been fans of RapidRun Digital and RapidRun analogue cables for a long time. Recently, however, they’ve encountered some difficulty with the rapid advances made in HDMI technology and the advancement of HDMI 2.0 and 4K (UltraHD) resolution onto the scene. Now, C2G is planning to launch the newest version of RapidRun. The new fiber-based RapidRun Optical cables provides the same features users of RapidRun have come to expect, but with support for the high bandwidth needed to carry today’s UltraHD and 4K digital signals.

RapidRun Optical Cables kit

RapidRun Optical is designed for in-wall audio/video installations and is capable of transmitting high definition digital A/V signals up to 1,000 feet. RapidRun Optical features a full 18Gbps of bandwidth—all in a cable with a diameter of around a half inch. The RapidRun Optical Fiber cables also feature an OFNP (plenum) rating, so they can be placed in-wall or within ductwork or other open spaces. These new RapidRun Optical cables will do well for helping custom installers wire up anything from classrooms to lecture halls and auditoriums. Because the RapidRun Optical HDMI cables are built on fiber-optic technology, electromagnetic and radio frequency interference is virtually eliminated, letting you use these cables in the most sensitive environments, including healthcare and government facilities.

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“RapidRun has long been the standard for modular cabling solutions. With the introduction of RapidRun Optical cables, we are bringing to market the next generation of modular cabling solutions that address the needs of today’s A/V applications – namely, delivering high definition digital content over longer distances. By leveraging the original RapidRun modular cabling concept combined with advances in cabling technology, we are able to deliver a smaller, faster and longer solution to A/V integration and installation professionals.”

Garry Dukes, director of product management at C2G

RapidRun Optical Cables and Legacy RapidRun

For existing users of RapidRun, C2G will be releasing two new upgrade kits that will take an existing RapidRun Multi-Format or Analog installation and upgrade them. These kits require a simple switching out of the existing connector cables (or flying leads) and wall plates and avoid the need to pull a new runner cable.

The new RapidRun digital upgrade kits are available now, and the new RapidRun Optical cables can be pre-ordered before they ship starting July 18th.

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