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DISH Anywhere Kids Profiles

DISH just added a new feature that helps parents create a separate profile for their children right in DISH Anywhere online and in their mobile app. The new feature is called Kids Profiles and lets you build a unique profile by entering your child’s age (up to 13) to filter content. It helps you ensure the TV shows and movies available for them to watch are age-appropriate. Within each profile, your child can access DVR and on-demand content. If you ever wanted the freedom to hand over your phone or tablet without worrying about your children accessing content too mature for their eyes, this lets you do it.

DISH Anywhere Kids Profiles Features

The Kids’ Profiles feature applies independent age ratings from Common Sense Media, a nationally-recognized nonprofit organization. The feature is available today on, as well as in the DISH Anywhere app for Android tablets and smart phones (as well as Kindle Fire HDX). The feature will be available on iOS tablets and smart phones in the coming weeks.

DISH Anywhere lets you to create up to five individual profiles within the app, for both kids and adults, meaning you can activate up to four Kids’ Profiles with individual age filters for each. At least one profile must be an administrator profile, which provides control over all settings in the app.

DISH Anywhere Kids Profiles settings

DISH also introduced a lock feature for Kids’ Profiles, giving you peace of mind that the profile settings you create stay intact, even after closing the app. This means that when your kids exit DISH Anywhere and return later, they’ll automatically be redirected to his or her designated profile and only able to access their age-appropriate entertainment.

In addition to filtering appropriate content, Kids Profiles’ on both DISH Anywhere web and mobile apps feature an image-centric tiled design, making it easy for kids to search and navigate content within the app. Exclusively on, children can also personalize their profiles by choosing from seven different colorful backgrounds.

For more info on setting up DISH Anywhere Kids Profiles, check out the DISH blog.

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