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Terra CA Series Flush Mount Speakers

The new Terra CA series flush mount speakers are a bezel free design that feature edge-to-edge powder coated aluminum micro-perforated grilles. Once installed, they virtually disappear into the ceiling. The crossover networks of the new CA series have also been upgraded with higher quality component parts to smooth frequency response and increase efficiency. The difference between the Terra CA Series and other flush mount speakers is that Terra Speakers (and their grilles) are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions (hence the powder-coated aluminum).

Aluminum grilles present a problem in that you can’t use the traditional magnets available with steel frame models. With their desire to eliminate rust on both the grilles and any steel magnet assemblies, the Terra CA Series flush mount speakers use a tight friction fit with a built-in safely lanyard to secure the grilles in the event they would somehow vibrate off. Since there’s no magnet or steel, they will never rust or corrode.

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The CA series is IP65 rated—suitable for even the most adverse all-climate conditions including marine use, outdoor exposure—even bathrooms, steam rooms, saunas, pool houses, and showers. Terra Speakers are manufactured in Maine, including their woofer/mid-range drivers which are built in-house. The CA Series speakers incorporate over 70% USA sourced components.

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Three New Terra CA Series Flush Mount Speakers

The CA.8 is an 8-inch two-way speaker that will debut at the CEDIA Expo. While it will begin shipping immediately, the other models, which include a 6.5-inch and 5.25-inch driver model, as well as single-point-stereo models, will gradually be released over the next three to four months. You can specify either round or square grilles when you order.

For more information check out the Terra Speaker website.

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