Tributaries HDMI 2.0 Cables HDMI

Tributaries HDMI 2.0 Cables

It was the 2014 CEDIA Expo where we got our first look at the new Tributaries HDMI 2.0 Cables. Tributaries new HDMI 2.0 certified Cables are guaranteed in two different ways. First, all Tributaries passive HDMI cables are good to 18 Gbps. Period. Not a single cable will be sold at any length that doesn’t meet this spec—good news for custom installers and consumers looking to be future-proof and 4K-ready. All Tributaries active HDMI cables will be capable—at minimum—to 11.1 Gbps, enough to handle 4K/60 at deep color resolution. These active EQ cables use Go Active! technology, a directional technology that includes an electronic chip on the sink end of the cable. Three new models have the new low profile connectors. The Tributaries Slim UHD-S HDMI cables connector is just 17mm in length, the Tributaries UHD basic HDMI cable is 20mm long, and the UHD-P Pro model is 25mm in length. The Slim and Pro models also have a new high retention Power Grip connector. These have two circular raised elements on the top which apply an extra gripping force. On the sides there are two additional raised elements that provide even more force. These are not locking connectors, but merely friction-based. That means that they won’t damage your device ports in the event that a cable gets pulled violently out of the socket.

Tributaries has its existing Series 1, 3, 5, 6, 8 HDMI cables. Now, Tributaries is switching it up and going to a three-way line: the UHD, UDH-S, and UDH-P (Pro) cables. The Pro HDMI cables will be dedicated towards longer lengths and will be perfect for custom installers and those looking to make projector runs or for zone 2 applications where a balun isn’t required. In the development of these new cables, Tributaries wanted to determine the optimum gauge for each conductor for each cable length. This allowed them to make the smallest cable for the required performance. It’s the gauge of cable that renders a cable flexible or not. A more flexible cable is a much more useful and easily manipulated cable. Tributaries looked at each of the used conductors and measured what size was required for maximum performance. The result is that the new Tributaries cables use mixed-gauge conductors and have, overall, a much skinnier or slimmer profile than most cables we’ve seen at identical lengths.

Tributaries UHD HDMI Cable

The Tributaries UHD HDMI Cables are the company’s basic HDMI cable, similar to the position and price on of their Series 3 cables. The connector head on these 30 gauge cables is about 30% smaller than the Series 3. It will be available as passive cables only in 0.5, 1, 3, and 4 meter length. These are High Speed HDMI cables and they feature a nickel connector.

Tributaries UHD cables

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Tributaries UHDS Slim HDMI Cable

These cables feature a super slim 3.9 mm jacket diameter (just over 1/8″) with a connector the size of a dime. The Tributaries UHDS Slim HDMI cables use the Power Grip connector for a solid friction fit that won’t pull out, but also won’t lock in place and do damage in the event a cable is pulled out suddenly. The UHDS is available in 0.5, 1, and 1.5 meter lengths in passive form. It’s a 36 gauge cable that delivers a full 18 Gbps at 1.5m. These cables use Tributaries’ Go Active! Technology and they reach 11.1 Gbps from 2 – 4 meter lengths. These cables are also DPL Labs certified so you can trust the ratings (which are included with the cables).

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Tributaries UHDP Pro HDMI Cable

These Tributaries UHDP Pro HDMI cables are passive all the way to 4 meters in length. They support 18 Gbps bandwidth—perfect for maximizing 4K resolution signal transfer. These connectors also feature Tributaries Power Grip friction connector. The head on these cables is the size of a quarter. In 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 15 meter lengths, these cables feature Tributaries’ Go Active! technology and provide a full 11.1 Gbps. Like the UHDS cables, these UHDP cables form Tributaries are also DPL Labs certified.

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All new Tributaries HDMI 2.0 cables will deliver with their DPL labs certification papers, and each cable is live-tested with a Blu-ray player and a screen.

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